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  • Hello Bryan Racing, I am the curator at the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN and was recently doing some research on the first Baja 1000 when I came across your exchange on this forum. Your connection to the race is amazing! I was interested to see if you knew anything on the two Citroëns that were part of this Baja. There was a DS, and a Mehari. 2 Citroëns are listed on the photocopy you posted.

    Thank you,

    Hi Bryan Racing. I thought that I had the 1969 Baja 500 entry and finish list, but don't find it. Do you still have it? If so could I get a copy? Do you have 1970 to maybe 73 also?
    Looking for 1968 to 73 Mint 400 info also.

    Thank you
    We would sure like to take a look at your class 8. Please send specs, pics and price to spencer.morgan@gmail.com.


    Hi David: I was wondering if I could chat with you about an old photo you have with some Steve Mizel Broncos on it. Thanks, Todd Z.
    Bryan, can I get a copy of the 1969 1000 race info? I will pay fpr costs.

    Could you by chance send me a photo copy of the 1969 Mexican 1000 entries and maps? I tried printing the scanned copies on RDZ but I can't read them. Also do you by chance have the 1969 Baja 500 entry list as well? Also do you remember the 1971 SS racing Burro buggy that Les Choat and Andy built? Know anything about it?

    Steve Heckert
    8125 Greenhills Way
    Granite Bay, CA 95746

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