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  • happy belated birthday bryan. hope you had a fun filled day with your family and friends:)
    LOL, thanks Bryan. Randy is actually a good friend of mine and I help him out at every Mexico race he needs assistance at...I think I have some decent shots too that I'll need one of you guys to post up in your group...ha ha. Hope you're well bro.

    Hey man, can you invite me to the dirty liberals group?... If you don't think I belong just check out some of my posts in the Purple forum...
    It's ok, dez sub took away some of my rep points for an opinion too. So, you're not alone! lol!
    I just like to show that there are two sides to everything and to stick yourself into a corner is not a smart move. I have liberal views, Democratic views and Conservative/Republican views and I know that I don't know everything. Its like 5th grade recess in here sometimes but instead of being called names you are labeled a liberal. Crazy I say...just crazy.
    Hey Bryan,

    How's your pops doing? Heard some rumors awhile back that his got his "bell rung" testing in Plaster City.
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