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  • How's it going Dave? Just checking in to see what you've decided on for where you're racing this season. I had some winter medical bills knock me out from running the May 1st race with BOR. I plan on doing the Oregon race in Paisley in late June. Not sure if I'm going to race my 9 car or rent a "BajaLite" from Pete. Check out the CODRA website if you're interested.
    Hey Dave. I'm really leaning towards the May 1st race in Wendover, NV/UT with the BOR series. I know there is at least one other class 9 in the race. After that it's up in the air. The June race in Oregon is not a sure thing. I'd like to get at least one VORRA race in this year but I'm not sure if any will fit my schedule/budget. I'll keep you posted but I'm thinking this season is going play out pretty random for me. If you do Yerington, I might just come down with my bro to help you out if needed but I don't think I can manage racing 2 races in May.
    I'm still undecided on what I'm doing next year Dave.

    I actually might be leaning towards skipping a May race and saving up for the 400 mile Oregon race. Which we should find out soon if the BLM allows that race to happen.

    I'll keep you posted but right now I'm probably leaning towards a June race and September race since my funds are a little strapped at this time. I see the VORRA September race is Hawthorne again. The BOR September race is still TBD so I'll probably wait and see on that one too. It sounds like Hawthorne was pretty rough for a 9 car.
    Your transmission was built by JG Transworks and then rebuilt a 1000 miles later by RC Trans. Both companies did a good job. I don't know who rebuilt the trans right before you bought it. Unless you have extra money sitting around I would not rebuilt that trans after every race. It will be a learning proccess learning how far a trans will go with your driving style. And not all race courses are as rough as others. You did roll the car last race so the transmission is iffy in my mind. A roll can do alot of hidden damage. Good luck.
    Yes the car I bought is Dave Sams' old car.

    Still not sure where I'm going next year. Work has kept me busy so I haven't even had a chance to start any prep on my car since last race in mid September. Neither VORRA or BORR have released their schedules yet but I'm really leaning towards Yerington next spring. The race in southern Oregon is scheduled for late June but is still going through the approval process with the BLM. Looking at where my funds are right now, if I want to live comfortably next year, I think I'll probably do Yerington in May, Oregon race in June(if it happens, if not then probably Jackpot, NV race with BORR), then Wendover in September. That's if the series' schedules pan out how I'm thinking they will.

    I think BORR will have 1 or 2 other 9 cars at each race and it looks like VORRA is the same situation so it's basically up to what fits my schedule and budget.

    Let me know where you end up going next year.
    I believe the car Ben races is the old Sam's car. Its funny how small the off-road world is because your car has swap paint with his car before.:D
    Hey Dave. That's a bummer to hear about the issues you had but it sounds like you're on track to straightening them out. My buggy runs a Compufire system. I know the local VW shop sells them for $300.00 but I haven't done much shopping around for pricing other than that. I remember when I was looking into the buggy you got, I found that the previous owner had issues with the fuel system. Hope you get the all worked out.

    I had a lot of fun at my first race. Finishing was my goal and that's what I did. Made a few driver errors which cost me a lot of time (took the wrong line up a steep hill (twice)) but it was a blast none-the-less. Really looking forward to getting the buggy all prepped for a full Spring/Summer 2010 of racing!

    BOR (the series I ran in) is putting on 3 or 4 races next year and I think I might try and run their whole series. I would love to try and make the Yerington VORRA race though. I'll just have to see how much time and money I have come next Spring.
    Well how was Hawthorne? I heard the course was rough, sandy, and dusty.

    How did the 9 car like the terrain? Next Saturday (Sept. 19) is my first race over in Wendover. Long term forcast shows a good chance of rain so at least dust won't be an issue...
    Good luck next week Dave! Three weeks until I run over in Wendover, NV. Got a little work left to do on the car but I'm really looking forward to actually getting some racing in under my belt. Looking forward to seeing how you guys do. I'll be in Yerington next year if it's still on the schedule for Memorial Day weekend.
    btljuuc, we didnt run Barstow....we ran the mint in the truck and broke the crap out of the front end at MM 37.5. As for our graphics we use a company here in town called Genesis Signs and graphics, i will get you Johns number, he is a class act guy. I will also put some new pics up of the new graphics package we just put on the truck.
    What's up newbe, i design all our vinyl , and sundown signs , here in fort mohave az. Makes it all. So your new to class 9 , good for you, i'm sure you'll have a blast. My car is just about back togather , i can't wait to get out there again, and race with these more guys . Let me know when your going racing. Badger out
    btljuuc, i hear you on the HAVE FUN deal, i am currently a co-driver for a class 8 truck and it was lots of fun until the $$ bills started pileing up. thats why i bought a 9, just to go have fun, and race with new friends.
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