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    C r a n d o n !

    I'm not positive, but I believe Friday's races were make-up races for one of the rounds earlier in the season. Therefore the only drivers who would be allowed to race were those who had been registered/shown up for the Round when it was actually cancelled. Since I believe none of the Leduc's...
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    DIRT much fun

    Eh I use the Chevy TT personally. It's got the best of both worlds, handling and accel. I agree they Kincaid is to hard to control. Then again if you are worried about control you can just use the Dodge and "Ram" into your competitors at the start line. Take them out and just block the whole...
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    Live on ABC- Crandon Discussion!

    Its really interesting about the crash on the inside of turn 1. I was on the track filming for a friend and we had 2 camera's both following Jenkins smash the railing. I caught maybe the first part of the other wreck but nothing more. It would have been really neat(if thats the word for it)...
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    Live on ABC- Crandon Discussion!

    If anyone is trying to figure it out, Greaves didn't roll during the caution. The view they had was a little iffy, of the semi blocked view from Huseman's in-car, but Johnny just bicycled and rolled over that birm on the hairpin by the start line. Brutal spot to roll. But on a different...
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    No pro-2 in borg-warner??

    I agree it's not going to be the same with only around 10 trucks on the track racing. Half the fun is watching the pro-4's run hard and have to work there way through the pro-2 traffic to get to the front, makes for very interesting races. I also understand the reasoning for Borgwarners...
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    NORRS Announces Midwest Stops in 2009

    Also as a guy that did everything to try and prove this series as a fake when it first burst on to the scene, I am all for this. NORRS at first seemed to me as nothing but a guy looking to make a quick buck and run. Now it seems like it may be the best thing to happen to sportsman this year...
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    torc on espn2 - insanely great!

    All in all I believe the coverage was pretty good. Some pretty good angles out there. One I wanted to have was the one from right in front of the fans over the top of the jump heading down into cemetary corner. It was really neat to watch the horsepower as they came down and got on gas for...
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    Chairman's Cup debacle

    Yeah they lined them up farther back than normal. The track had been drying up quickly all day due to the small amount of cloud cover. Usually they started the Pro-2's down more towards the Sky Box. It was definitely a poor decision to start them on the corner there. They would have been...
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    2nd class at crandon

    Well I don't think you should blame Crandon for what happened? The series has control over the practice schedule I believe. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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    SOCCORRAA - Racing New Series

    Are there going to be land rush starts?
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    Except when there is 20 trucks in front of you all trying to get through turn 1, puts you in worse position to get caught in a wreck. Besides that its not much at all....I don't think there will be too much an issue at Crandon. Great racing thats all it is!
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    Expansion of Bark River International Raceway

    75 acres? Thats a good piece, could build a whole additional track with that space haha. Great news though, keep up the good work up there you guys have a great spot for racing.
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    Norrs moves race to antelope valley fairgrounds

    This is sad, they were doing so well. Hope you can get a site set up without being forced to move again:(... Did you really release this at 230 in the morning? Good dedication. Good luck getting stuff together.
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    CBS? are you kidding me? lets do this!

    Just to answer, the reason that I care is how this series could affect other series. If it pulls drivers from a different series "TORC" and they don't show up for races it effects me. I am just asking who is racing, because with this series being televised I would be watching it on "CBS"...
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    CBS? are you kidding me? lets do this!

    Well I checked out your "FAQ" section. I still didn't see one of the most frequently asked questions, about "Who is racing your series?". You by now have to be getting sick of that question, why have you not answered it. The TORC website clearly has a list of the drivers racing the series...