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    Great news on exposure thx Norman now we need to get the price money in line with today's standards

    Making money is very easy if you do not count the initial investment or the overhead..................all those years of schooling I wasted and all I needed to do was join a forum on RDC!!!!
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    Casey folks to be inducted to offroad Motorsports hall of fame

    Heck I thought he was one of the original inductee's...... well deserved......BOOOYAAAA!!!!
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    Desert Assassins Acquire Game Changer - Tim Sanchez

    EXCELLENT!!!! A great guy getting together with a great Team. Looking forward to seeing you more in Baja Tim
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    Rally fighter

    \m/Hey we all difference of opinion on design and body style or type. But I am pretty sure we can all agree this is a pretty bad a$$ machine for 75k. Come on there are not to many cars you can drive out to the dunes and perform like this. No paddles and in the stock configuration. If you have...
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    2012 Mint 400 Pics by Running Man Photography

    Joey joey......1841........1841???
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    Fatography Mint 400 Photos

    Joey D Buddy here, I was piloting the Rally Fighter and had a great run going until we lost the seal on the transmission. Did you get any pics of us 1841, every time I saw a camera dude I was just catching someone to make a pass so I was in the dust. except for when I say your guy just after...
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    2012 offroad swapmeet

    Matt will be also selling free DVD's of the MINT one red camera and get a free DVD for free!!!! Just playing guys.......any of you on the fence about going to the swap meet GO you will not be disappointed......Lucas sellin shoes, the lil sweetdevil will be having totes full of...
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    Rick Huseman Memorial Race & Fundraiser Thursday October 27th 6:00pm

    Hey Ken, I just weighed in at the gym this morning a lean trim 252 lbs I will be throwing my hat into that race.......Hey Busby what are you tipping the scales at? Mr Daily are you in?
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    Rick Huseman Memorial Race & Fundraiser Thursday October 27th 6:00pm

    GREAT NEWS!!!! takin credit cards and I just finished paying them off. I can think of no better reason to max a CC, help a friends family.......see you there.
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    Off Road Expo move-in

    I was looking on the Expo site and I could not see when the expo move-in times are tomorrow. Who knows what time it starts and ends?
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    Congratulations to Bryce and the Menzies Team!

    oops posted a pic with King Pins eyes closed my bad here is another one
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    Congratulations to Bryce and the Menzies Team!

    It was truely a dream race for the entire Menzies Team.....pits went well started up front and finished up front. First win in Baja for the team congratulations and thanks to all who helped make it possible.
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    So what got stolen at the 500

    Re: look what I stole!! Hey I thought that was just to be used to mark our PIT stop for the team after the win!!!!! Thanks for the dinner and drinks at Papa's and Beer after the WIN!!!! The team had a great time!!!!
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    Jesse Jones Co-Driver

    His race used up not only one........but two co-riders and two rear ends!!!! Not 2J's finest day......wait for the 1000 he will get back on his game
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    Baja 500 New Summit Notes

    The picture of the "stock LEXUS" with street tires no less makes this whole topic embarassing to say the least.