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  • Just gettin around to sitting at computer for length of time. Wanted to say thanks. Got busy getting out of desert that morning and didnt get over there to say later. Anyway man, had fun.
    Bud, that was my son Matt driving at the 250. Anyway we broke another ring and pinion. Think that makes 5 now. Give me a call. 760-447-8705. Need to ask ya some stuff. If this message has been sent to you like three times now - sorry, was having trouble gettin my replies through for some reason.
    Bud, I read something about you driving the MORE 500 with a broken arm. True? How was that? Car looked good at r.m. 69.
    Budman,badger here, i spoke to you a bit @ the powderpuff race in barstow. Are you going out to the course marking? I think my girl & i are going to try to make it . Man , 20 cars regestered for b.a.p. I hope they all show. What do you say we become friends , then we'll take care of the formal introduction out on the track ,deal ? See you @ the compitition. Race on !!
    i know who you are, have you been following the 5/1600 vs. 9 car thread? i think you shoulda backed me up a little since i am throwin down the love for the 9's!!!! maybe next time your not racin yet and i got the TL out at a barstool race ill hook ya up
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