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    SCORE San Felipe Race day thread

    Just saw Andy and Neil at the finish line. Scott was at the wheel for this leg. Announcer says the #125 is the first finisher of Class 1 but I don't know the adjusted time. I know they started way back in the field so I assume they had a great finish place. Allen R
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    Baja 4000??

    See HERE. Allen R
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    2016 Parker 425

    It's not working well even for those of us 700 miles away. :-) Allen R
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    2016 Parker 425

    Here's BITD's ranking through RM 285 for whatever good that'll do. Allen R
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    2016 Parker 425

    So noted...the "flex plate", that is. I don't know about the rumor stuff. :) Allen R
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    2016 Parker 425

    The word is he's out with blown engine. :(
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    2016 Parker 425

    Is the Tracking working on #77?
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    Thanks, John!

    Many thanks to all the RDC persons who make this forum possible. Fabulous coverage. Kudos on top of kudos. Allen R
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    Africa Eco Race

    Thanks for reminding us. I'd forgotten to tune in (lots going on here at end of year). Allen R
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    Dakar 2016 - Stage 7 - Uynui > Salta

    Wow! That's a fantastic video. And we talk about the crazy spectators at the B1K. Some of those in the video were sitting on the outside, repeat outside at the apex of the turn. Gawd! I'm sure there other in-car videos that would impress me also, but this one is great. Thanks for the post...
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    Dakar 2016 - Stage 7 - Uynui > Salta

    I'm retired, so every day is a "Saturday" to me unless I look at our "Day Clock". I also had a deadline and needed to send something off today so was occupied with other things. If I have nothing to contribute, I don't. Hope that helps. :) Allen R. P.S. Disregard the "Monday" above that...
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    Dakar 2016 - Stage 2 - Villa Carlos Paz > Termas Rio Hondo

    Yep. Moi. (But I bought it for my wife. :)) Allen R
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    The "Official" Dakar 2016 Thread

    Wow! That's rather dramatic. Allen R.
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    Dakar 2016 - Stage 1 - Rosario > Villa Carlos Paz (CANCELLED)

    I'm trying to do this from memory and not research, but have Stages been postponed in the past? I can't remember any, though my following of the DR begins only in the mid-80s. Allen R
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    Dakar 2016 - Stage 1 - Rosario > Villa Carlos Paz (CANCELLED)

    Thanks, Short Bus. From her summary and those maps the weather doesn't look to improve. Allen R