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  • from Buggyracer1677: Dude seriously I am not gonna make this about you or I. My points are all fact, where is the bias opinion there? I just think its pretty arrogant for people to sit at a computer and make him out to be a bad guy and try to make themself look like they are any better off, and for you to make a smart ass comment to me for defending someone that made a mistake is pretty arrogant in my opinion, so post all the lighten up Francis clips you want, it proves my point.

    WHAAAA !!
    You may want to talk with Adam Ashcraft of Brian Cheater Burgess I know both of them use have used Sparco or some type of seat in Adam's 16 car, Brian's 12 car, and Adam's 10 car. Hope this helps.
    Hey little buddy, obviously you didn't see me propin you up on SNORE and RDC on your championship. Traiter is a strong word, but i'll forgive you. Good job on all your success this year dude, i'm proud of ya!
    Hi you! Yes of course... Am waiting for Brian Freemal to get over here today and pick it up to have copies made...I'll let you know when they are ready
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