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    Class 5-1600 Rule Change @ More.

    Ramsey ElWardan, No it was not MORE that split the class it was MDR. If you want to race MDR with micro stubs you have to limit your rear travel. See MDR for there own 5-1600 rules. Most of the 1600's are faster than 5-1600's through the bumps, but it would be competitive if they all did not...
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    Class 5-1600 Rule Change @ More.

    The nice thing about this is some of the MORE 5-1600's drivers thought power steering would be a good idea. One person called the drivers, took a vote, talked with Jim, three days later there is a rule change that the drivers wanted. It's that simple. Its what Jim has said " I will do what the...
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    mickey thompson tires

    In the last 4 years I have had 2 flats on M/T's! No side wall problems ever.
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    mickey thompson tires

    As far as running tires on my 5-1600, Its Mickey Thompsons all the way!!!!!!! Wile Toyo mite help the big boys out, I have never seen a Toyo trailer at a MORE, Snore or MDR a race. M/T have been there for me, mounting tires friday night befor a race, testing, cash for winning, and last but not...
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    mickey thompson tires

    They moved to Corana, ask for Todd.
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    $$$$ Team Think Dollars $$$$ Gets Its Start

    The metal that is missing and would need to be replaced is, under the rear window there are louvers that have been removed. The rear deck and rear fire wall. It's hard to tell but it looks like your rear wheel wells are cut out a little big. Pick up a SCORE rule book that should have a lot of...
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    $$$$ Team Think Dollars $$$$ Gets Its Start

    What class are you thinking of racing? I don't want to be a downer, but, there is a lot of metal missing for the 5-1600 class.
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    MORE starting order

    MORE has the starting order up. It's going to be a great time!
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    Beard Seats 1450 Shootout with M.O.R.E.

    You can nerf a Jeepspeed at MORE.
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    Beard Seats 1450 Shootout with M.O.R.E.

    Maybe Beard could not work out a deal with MDR, so they went to MORE. One would think Beard would go to MDR first because thats where the 1450 race. Do you think Jim went to Beard and said I have a idea, pay for all the 1450 racers and put money in the pot, and kick in free stuff. And the reply...
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    Who do you want to win?

    Burgess for the win!
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    M.O.R.E. Lies....

    Matt, It's to bad you did not get the info right befor you raced. Jim does not have to worry about saving face on this, the people that know him know he is a great guy and would live up to his word. MORE pays back MORE than anyone else !!! I hope mdr can stay around for a long time, so you will...
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    BAJA Coalition CODE night race

    The list looks great!! It will be my first CODE race. I love racing at night, and am looking forward to the race! See ya out there!!!! Jeff Sack 558
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    5/1600 coalition

    Hi Ron, The team of Sack Racing will be there!!! Sorry I have not got back to you with the info you wanted on the last race. I will e-mail you on tue. Keep up the good work with the coalition. Its a great time!! <font color="yellow"> </font>
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    MORE Balls Out Race

    Well there are 24 cars so far. Thats around $8,000. for the winner. Thats a good pay day!! I was out there this weekend and went around the course once. It looked great!!! Good luck to all the 5-1600 racers! <font color="yellow"> </font color>