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    New XX and noob owner- where to mount PCI air?

    Now when you roll it and crush the breather your all going to suffocate!
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    Cross Link Suspension - It's New - Comments and discussion invited

    Hell yeah Al! If it's anything like the quad its going to be sweet!
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    Who has details on Tanner Foust's build?

    Sooo...VW just released pics and vids of Tanners mom driving the racecar and then announced no more fossil fuel powered racing?
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    On Topic delayed Baja 1000???

    Maybe it will actually be hard this year.
  5. bullnerd

    Who has details on Tanner Foust's build?

    Very cool!
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    Robby Update Report

    "Seats and a steerin wheel"
  7. bullnerd

    What is Robby building?

    Does the body of that rear shock look really short?
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    Cameron Steele in a bronco for 1000?

    The one on the left is the new one right? Can't be that other hideous thing.
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    What is Robby building?

    Whats the hole in the hood for? Radiator?
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    las vegas supercross

    Agree, And stewart looks like he's having a blast.
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    Welders...? What would you buy

    Do you even weld anymore? Ive seen some complaints about the miller guns. What about ESAB in general? Any good?
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    Welders...? What would you buy

    I wasn't going to say anything until i saw HLP mention ESAB. I lost my mig in a garage fire and have been looking also. The one I am interested in is the ESAB 215ic. It comes with a Tweco gun and Victor flow meter, that seems pretty good to me. Have seen nothing but good reviews on it. Same...
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    Death of Wildcat XX?

    Sooo...why don't the people at the center of this (Robby and the other dude?) come here and straighten it out? Is there a more popular forum than this one for offroad racing that we don't know about?
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    Bypass valving for leaf springs.

    Cool truck dude. I like the ones that look like they get used.