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    Gary Plagman's "Exponent"

    Very cool! Thank you.
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    Gary Plagman's "Exponent"

    Are the holes just in from the rear bumper a crumple zone?
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    Making drive over fenders.

    I knew a guy that couldn't wait to get an enclosed trailer for his dirt track car. First race bent the car in the middle and it wouldn't fit in the trailer. Had to have someone transport the car to his shop.
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    87 long bed toyota

    Surely you already ordered the McQueen glass for it right?
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    Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's 1984 PPI Toyota SR5 restoration

    Dude! Don't tease us like this! Everytime this thread pops up we think we are going to see the new McQueen toyota glass! Sheeesh!
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    Shop air lines

    And, If you have even a little standing/trapped water or moisture, it will rust inside. I worked in another shop that shot rust out of the air nozzles. It looked nice, it was all painted and pretty, but compressor room wasn't set up properly.
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    Shop air lines

    I had two different bad experiences with PVC at a shop. One was close, almost got my eye. People will say it is fine, No thanks. That blue aluminum stuff with the push lock fittings is probably the easiest/most versatile. Forget the name but Northern Tool has it. EDIT: this stuff, RapidAir...
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    Black Rifle Coffee + BJ Baldwin

    Thanks Doug, That's what I was looking for.
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    Black Rifle Coffee + BJ Baldwin

    Anyone here drink that stuff?
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    Extreme E Saudi Arabia this weekend

    I dig it. But I live in NJ, so any off road racing cool with me. I don't get to see/live it like most of you. I wish someone would make one of those bodies that bolted onto a VW tub like a Manx! That would be cool for us that need a plate to off road a buggy.
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    Pitch Black Engineering Bronco build

    "Luckily the wife really wants to make the same trip and supports everything" The rest is a piece of cake!
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    Isenhouer KOH2021 Video

    So cool! What 80's TV show is the soundtrack from?
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    Desert Assassins & Lasernut KOH video.

    WTF is PAB?
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    Make shop class great again!

    I'll keep this short, Check out Adam Deuling on IG or FB, (Deuling design) He has a vision for bringing shop classes back to schools. Here's a link to his story, more on his IG page. (I don't do FB)...
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    1968 Ford F100 1400 Truck

    Dang, you're older than I thought!