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    2017 Norra video in my F100 Olivia

    7A! lol! Asbury has come a long way lately.
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    2017 Norra video in my F100 Olivia

    Awesome video! I live in NJ, Vids like these are as close as i'm going to get to being there! Love the F100 also.
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    Pioneer 72 F250 build

    Rat or a beaver? lol! That cab is primo compared to whats for sale in NJ!
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    shop lights

    Whats on your walls ceiling? There is a calculator on the garage journal that makes it very easy to calculate how much/many fixtures you need to do it right. How serious are you about light? lol. I used 4' leds too. Cant beat em. Instant start, bright, and quiet.
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    Pioneer 72 F250 build

    Sell that supercrew whole and buy the parts you need. Those things bring big $$$ in NJ.
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    Top 10 Coolest Buggies??

    Briggs Built Gen IV.
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    Super Off road for Xbox One?

    Finding what? Baja edge?
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    Super Off road for Xbox One?

    I noticed that game was mentioned a lot as I was looking through threads in this section. Thanks, I'll check it out. Still would like to find a multi player deal....if there is one?
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    Super Off road for Xbox One?

    I know very little about video games, But i do remember playing super off road at the arcade and on a nintendo. My Daughter has an Xbox one and I would like to get some two person driving games. Does anything like SO exist? We do have Dirt 4, which is pretty good, But I get bored quick...
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    Model glue

    I was in Michaels with my daughter a few weeks ago. While I was waiting for her I decided to take a look at the model section. I saw a cool looking 68 mustang fastback. I have a few models that haven't been built, still in the box. Cars i've owned or own now. 67 camaro, 67 nova and my current...
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    Pioneer 72 F250 build

    Another great thread ruined by Photobucket.
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    HighRev RZR Vehicle Feature

    Beautiful rig dude! Congrats! I like the vendor/infomercial stuff, Then I don't have to ask where you got it.
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    New XX and noob owner- where to mount PCI air?

    Now when you roll it and crush the breather your all going to suffocate!
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    Cross Link Suspension - It's New - Comments and discussion invited

    Hell yeah Al! If it's anything like the quad its going to be sweet!