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  • Hey Thanks so much for getting me the photo pass in Primm. It was a really cool experience and im getting better with the camera every time. Besides getting to be in the car I am up for tagging along and taking pics any race or test. See you soon.
    Good luck this weekend! Looking forward to reading a full report Sun evening!~
    We race Pro Buggy, #995 and looking for a beverage sponsor.
    We are talking to Full Throttle (Coke) but this may not work out.
    Is there a possibility to get help from NOS?
    We are only looking for product to hand out and bring a big name to our team.
    Cost of advertising (banners, graphics) would need to be part of the deal.
    let me know if I am barking up the wrong tree, but we are looking to grow our team with big names.
    Please check out our web site: www.mpe-racing.com

    Thanks for any help you can give.
    Welcome to the whacky world of RDC big brother. Beware of that Stimpy guy, oh and watch out for the guy they call Chappy too! ;o)
    Wow look at your spiffy page! You got an avatar pic up and everything!
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