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    News Prerunning & Racing The Baja 500 with Dave Simpson

    Dave is one of my favorite people in the world. Great read and congratulations on 2nd place.
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    In case of emergency...

    I think as tragic as this event was, preventable or not, the real issues and FAR more frequent issues are in the pits. The safest place to be has always been and always be IN the race car. If a person is driving a race car, there is SOME knowledge they have on what to do or need to do. I 100%...
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    V2R lost and found thread

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    Jeep Comanche Desert Truck

    This one is being reconditioned by Martin from Milestar Tires. His IG is @dontneeroads
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    Pro Eagle Open House

    HA maybe we could talk him into it. Doubtful though. He's letting strangers bang lugnuts on his truck though.
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    Pro Eagle Open House

    It is the day before Fathers Day so come out and get a gift for Dad that he really wants. We will have lots of vendors here, food, a tire change competition and a raffle with great prizes from all of the vendors and more. Hours will be 9am - 1pm.
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    News SoCal Tacos & Trucks

    Awesome Curtis! I was just hoping I wasn't on someone's bad side!
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    News SoCal Tacos & Trucks

    Seems odd that the Pro Eagle Jeep was in the front row and even seen in the background of one of these photos, a Pro Eagle jack was donated to be given away and it wasn't mentioned or shown. Who did we piss off?
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    Parker Tech- The casino VS. on the street. What do you like better?

    This is not true at all. I would be SHOCKED if there were more than 10 "spectators" in Parker for tech total, all day long. There are even less "spectators" at other races like Silver State, Vegas to Reno and so on. The people in tech are there for or with a team or are somehow connected to the...
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    Parker Tech- The casino VS. on the street. What do you like better?

    The people that say they want a tag and GTFO are either NOT car owners, are car owners that don't need sponsors or car owners that have no clue. 100% of racers agree it is a PITA but 100% of the ones that are responsible for writing the check understand the benefit. I arrived to Parker late in...
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    Two Foot Driving vs Standard

    I always use both feet in the dirt. One time at the 1000 in a highway section I almost went off the road. I mentally switched because I was on the highway and went into a corner and when I went for the break with my right foot it wasn't where it should have been. (The pedal was moved further...
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    Tortoise or the Hare in Desert racing?

    In the 300 mile race that KOH will be, it will be won by the one that pushes the limits the most. The spoiler will be if they throw in any technical areas that will require a more "careful pace". Still in that short of a race it will be the one who takes the most risks and pushes harder. There...
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    Racing LEGACY ?

    I like BITD and also the people that have started Legacy. I wish them both the best in the future. With that said, if you sell off road parts and accessories you will do more business at KOH than you will in 1-2 YEARS worth of setting up at contingency. There will always be a need for last...
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    Customer Service Review - Pro Eagle

    Thank you Dave! That means a lot coming from you! Can't wait for KOH 2021 Chuck
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    Customer Service Review - Pro Eagle

    Louis, I am flattered that you would go out of your way to say a kind word. We have our share of bad experiences but the good ones FAR outweigh the bad. It seems though that in the times today if someone isn't happy with how something went down, they have no problem roasting them in a public...