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  • you need all that stuff wired, the pats module, the key , everything that came with that engine, if do it ok, it should work,. or start looking for the right ecu like the one the other guy told us,. the BAE2 , something like t hat, that one comes without the pats,.
    I removed the power dist. box. I just have the wires comming from the lg. connector on drivers side valve cover. I have power to the coil, and MFS. Just no fire. I guess it must be the Pats. What if I installed the ig. swithch from the 98 with the key?
    I am trying to wire the sohc to my 91 ranger. I can get it to crank but not start. I need to know what wires from the connector on the left valve cover need to be connected to what on the firewall connection. You have also talked about the PATS system. Is there a way to defeat it with out sending the computer away? I am trying to get it going for a race next weekend. I have looked at the wire diagram that you posted before and it stlll makes no sense to me.. thanks.
    Any chance you could email me that wiring diagram for the ford 4.0L? It would be much appreciated!

    chale, apenas vi el mensajito, nel pastel, ni chance de ir a ver la carrera,. correremos la 1000
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