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  • winner winner chicken dinner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You missed a wet one ............................
    and all three gallons have twist tops instead of those pesky corks so you know it's gotta be the good chit for sure...
    you sure are pimpin' those urinal cakes...are you out of cooking sherry again? tell you what... i'm sittin' on 3 gallons of red mountain chianti i stole from an italian restaurant a long time ago if you wanna come down and maybe work out a trade for some used cakes and maybe a little socially unacceptable hedonistic pagan-like behavior.....whaddaya say? only one of the gallons has been opened and most of it's still there. all three have those really expensive wicker grapevine weave stuff on em' so you can hang em' around the house for that classy look after they're empty...
    put me down for a dozen of the used ones. they're great christmas gifts and always great with strawberries and cream as party favors. the used ones have a gamey, tangy flavor the ladies and kids dig and if you're real lucky, i hear you can get some from huntsville state penitentiary in texas on special order sometimes. is that really true?
    you're welcome . i've got to say that i was impressed by your resume as well and i'm so sorry about you having to deal with the traffic and hustle and bustle [is that a word?] of westmoreland. look at the brighter side. it coulda been heber or seeley..or even brawley or holtville...my two favorite places anywhere..amsterdam, new york city or prague has nothing on them.
    you still hanging out in here??? be going to PS pretty soon to see my grandson----------thought I might buy you a drink---------Giti
    hey darling---- are you going to be at PRIMM?????? love to buy you a drink--intro you to the misses-----let me know--Giti

    Hello stranger, where have you been? Did you get married? been riding lately? bikes and quads that is,
    How is our friend Buster doing?
    Who is the new love in your life? i am thinking about changeing your last name to Lawerence, Ha Ha Ha

    So whats up with Primm for this weekend?
    Trisha if you haven't voted yet for the October RDC sighting of the month could you vote for 'The Thumbs Up"? Please? :)
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