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  • Hey you "Resident Cougar".. how you been..?? anything new?? the Glen Helen Baja cup was cool, but I had to leave had some family plans.. anyway RIDGECREST is a coming.. you going??
    Hi Trisha! You got to meet me about 5 minutes after I had just woken up slightly hungover, so I hope I made an okay impression, LOL! Hope I'll get a better chance to talk to you in the future. Gabby didn't have too many bad things to say about me, did she?:p
    hey! , jobs great , its hard getting used to this 38 hr week ! i get home at 4 pm , we ( family )went bike riding both sat and sun just gone, (nice weather, bbq lunch by the lake , i posted a pic in wtar, look at my post history to find it) , dinner with family each night..lots more time for Nic and kids now...smiles all round ! hope your doin well :)
    Thank you!! No unfortunately I will be at work although I was planning on going. Have fun, those glen helen races are fun!
    I'm still sick though... so I won't be going to Glen Ivy :( It will have to wait for another weekend... when is your b-day :D We can go for that ;) I hope your day isn't too hectic-I may take a half day at work but we will see :)
    Hi Trisha,
    Everything is great, my daughter just graduated high school so time to relax for me.
    Baja Cup sounds like fun, I just might go. Let me know if you decide to go!!
    How's everything going for you?
    Did I also mention I prefer real dolls to plastic ones...LMAO!!! I crack myself up...we'll send you love from Baja!!
    HEY HEY!!! All is good here, gonna take off for baja soon. Did I ever mention, I'm a big fan of playing with dolls????;) Keep an eye on here, I may send you greetings from mexico!!!
    It was fun.you should of came out for it.how are things with you and your sister?I hope well.
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