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  • hey! you worked at western huh!!! thats where i have seen you before! i think we met alllllllong time ago. i was best freinds with david jameson, mikes son. small world.. i just texted dave, ( hey that chick that rode street bikes, that worked at your pops shop. was her name trisha.. he was like yaaaaa..
    well two weeks ago at the balls out 250 we had a mishap while prerunning lol, car is pretty tore up, but its being fixed as we speak. well probably take it easy this year, do alot of testing. although i really want to run vegas to reno! so we might do that. racing is awesome but in these times its a huge MONEY pit and probably not the smartest thing to do. all the housing has pretty much came to a hault, thankfully we didnt have much inventory. we have some commercial stuff going. were doing that staples and smart and final on corner of gene autry and ramon, we have some apartment jobs coming up and BIDDING ALOT!, but its hard because people are doing stuff for so damn cheap these days its crazyness...
    Sweet pics!! thanks for the kind words.. and my next race is Primm.. and Glen Helen is cool too.. keep me posted Cougar!! LOL
    Hey you.. no prob on the food support, anytime. So what a weekend huh??.. I need a pic of you at the General Tire party, I voted you "Best of Show"..LOL So whats next for you??.. Primm 250??
    Went to Parker instead and got the boat ready for the season.
    What have you been up to?
    Let me know when your ready to go riding, me and some other friends are getting our bikes ready for some easy riding out by barstow, I hope all is well, have fun and take care
    ha ha! all's well here...juggling between new job and workshop, i asked for no 'net' at new job...weening off the forums!, send some pics of the race ( the messy drunk ones r funnier ) i sent ya skippy pic....u still busy in ur part of the world?
    hi thanks for getting in touch hope your dat is going good get in touch with me and school me on this site if you can ok tryracing12@hotmail.com 619-665-8657 thanks
    What makes this friday better is i have it off. Worked all last night and just woke up to enjoy the day :D
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