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  • Awww thanks Trish that's sooo sweet :D I try to to be a nice person to everyone :) and staying out of the Purple thread makes it even easier because I don't have to worry about upsetting anyone :) Man I count today after work as Friday... :D lol I hope you have a great day!!! Woo Hoo the weekend can be seen from here :D
    Hi Trisha,
    Sorry you guys couldn't make it..I am sure there will be another time.
    Have a great week...
    Hi Trisha...welcome to RDC...you'll find there is a lot of good info on here....have a great day!
    Well that is good to hear.
    Contigency is at Lucerne Valley High from 5- 9 ( I am not sure how long we will be there) but the race starts at Camp Rock which is where we will camp. If I remember correctly it is a long graded dirtroad with some wash board but haven't been out in a while. Might be a little rough on a car.
    Yep, i will be there. I am not sure what time we are leaving on Friday i assume we should be there around 6 or so. You have to love the health care system, it has been 3 weeks since the accident that is ridiculous.
    Let me know how it goes and hopefully we will see you Friday.
    Hi Trisha,
    Yes, we are just over the hill from you. I am so glad Buster is home and doing well, it still makes me laugh at how excited he was when he came into the pits.
    My husband co-drives one of the cars so I mostly go watch the races. I get to drive one for the Powder Puff race in October, super excited..
    You have to come watch a race some time, especially if Buster is in the car.
    Have a great weekend!!!
    Talk to you soon!
    Hello and good mourning Trish, Tell buster its time to start his regiment get out in the garage and start exercising NOW he can rest later, we have a race to go to, WE'll maybe I am being a little hard on him he should rest a day or two, all joking to the side he is a special person that i am glide that to have met, most 45 year olds can not do the things this S.O.B can and will do. Tell him lets get the camera down loaded and share some footage with the rest of the RDC junkies. so long for now and Trish have a great day
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