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  • Yep! I saw a charging, struggling RV crash while trying to pass JS in limp mode.
    If the tables were turned the SX thread would have 3 more pages to it talking about what a HERO RV is for riding with no knee and salvaging a top 10 finish and how JS couldn't even beat an injured RV!
    Gotta love it...
    You going to run Parker. Missed you at the Christmas Classic, course was rough.

    Hey Ceballos! You and I have been PMing back and forth and I was interested in coming on board as your 3rd rider but at the time you were full. I'd still be interested now that I see you may have the opening. If you have an idea of cost and such let me know. I will be running regardless on my can-am, but it would be a solo effort and off course...very expensive by myself. Let me know what your thoughts are. my cell is 419-343-9000 Thanks
    Yeah the Nat was crazy, heard about peeps being lost until 6p. The mud was too much for my quad too, rear sprocket exploded causing the chain to bang the case and put a hole in it. Getting out was even crazier... Hopefully I can get it fixed soon and see ya out there!
    haha.. yea that was me... nah we didnt get lost... after realizing that we had passed check 1 and it was close, I was like F this... so we headed back to the pits... It just wasnt worth it, for me at least.. The quad started overheating, and the mud fest just wasnt for me... damn, 1.5 hrs?... glad you got out though
    Yo what up man you race D38? I think you and your buddy on an orange Yamaha stopped for me up at the National a few weeks ago when I broke down. I think you and your bud got lost and returned back on course. I was on the white/red Raptor few miles after check 1.. I was stuck out there for 1 1/2 hours before my g/f dad finally rescued me & the quad. btw, nice quad !
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