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    McKenzie's Rage at the River

    THESE ARE NOT official S.N.O.R.E. points standings. Lap times on results had a few blanks that made fast lap bonus points impossible without knowing which lap was left out so these may be off by 5 or 10 points. The overall S.N.O.R.E. Points standings heading into Rage is as wide open as its...
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    Pistol OK?

    Do have any pictures of what "livery" Pete had on the truck when he owned it? Super cool of you to honor him. If it was me I'd recreate the way it was when he raced it.
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    Supercross 2019

    What a crazy start to the year. Its safe to say nobody would have guessed Nichols and Webb would have the red plates heading to Petco. 5 points separating 4 riders in the 250 championship and 4 points separating 4 riders in the 450's. I know it's still early but maybe we can actually get a multi...
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    2019 Patrick Signs SNORE championship awards $30,000 to racers

    Congratulations on your championship. You've got these sand rail things we race on point. Being able to feed this addiction all while operating in the green is an amazing achievement. I'm guessing, but if you were to add your race winnings, championship prize money along with the value of the...
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    ★ Dakar 2019 - Stage 7: San Juan de Marcona > San Juan de Marcona

    Maybe this has already been discussed but what would aso do if RG decided to take the limiter off? Is it a penalty or disqualification? If it's a penalty I see no downside being as far down as they are in the standings to take it off and see what she's got.
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    ★ Dakar 2019 - Stage 7: San Juan de Marcona > San Juan de Marcona

    On Dakar site it states: "The best 10 bikes, 10 cars and 5 trucks will start in the order of the scratch time of Stage 7." Anybody know if they will be mixing the bikes and cars based on today's times so the top 5 would be 1. Sunderland, 2. Ignacio, 3. Brabec, 4. Peterhansel and 5. Van Beveren...
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    PCI Radios 50th SNORE 250 Feb 15-16

    Robert, Looked at last years Midnight Special times (best comparison) and your boy averaged 39/Mph. Not sure what kind of night it was for y'all and how much racing at night affected the speeds but if you take that same average it would give you 18 minutes to spare at the 250. Not much for any...
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    PCI Radios 50th SNORE 250 Feb 15-16

    Robert, Looks like all classes will run 3 laps except class 11 and the sportsman classes. That being said it says there is a 7 hour time limit that starts when your car leaves the line which would take a 38/mph average to finish. Here's the driver notes:
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    PCI Radios 50th SNORE 250 Feb 15-16

    She's a swinger. Car is being restored as close as possible to the last time it raced. This was my grandmothers car she raced in the 70's back when powderpuff was its own class and ran the normal schedule. Car has sat idle for the last 40 years. I've probably got over 100 hours in that seat play...
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    Passing off course while cutting a corner?

    Your not being too conservative. The infield is 3 cars wide and has option lanes. If he was faster than you I don't understand in jeopardizing the chance of penalty when he could have got by you clean the next turn. It's not like there was silt right after and if he didn't get by you he would...
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    Fishgistics World Trophy Truck Ranking Is Here!

    If Andy and Rob Mac don't race the last BITD race is there a possibility Voss could gain enough points to take over the top spot? Let's say he wins with 20 "Trick Trucks"...
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    Tony T tips ?

    It's all for fun and means absolutely nothing but I agree. The odds didn't have much contrast either with half the field being atleast 4-1 or better. I see 15 TT's that would have between 30-1 & 60-1 Vegas odds. Let em rip Fish...
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    VIDEO - Desert Invitational Q&A with Dave Cole and Andy McMillin

    Any word when the list will be released? Would be cool to do it like the NFL does with their top 100 player list and count down from the top. 50-41 the first week, 40-31 the second week and so forth. Then again with the rankings based on points I'm sure someone could figure out the formula after...
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    VIDEO - Desert Invitational Q&A with Dave Cole and Andy McMillin

    This event sounds bad a$s! The 40 mile qualifying portion will be interesting. Most qualifying courses are 2-5 miles long and drivers put everything on the line and give 110% for those. Is it possible to substain that same intensity for 40 miles?
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    2018 BITD Laughlin Desert Classic Day 1 Video Highlights

    And a shout out to the Deaner for beating the "trick trucks" by 35 seconds!