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    2020 Toyo Tires Desert Invitational presented by Monster Energy

    Six of the So more people that have won in the last 3 years are NOT showing up than those who are? Truck or not almost half the current field hasn’t won a race ever, let alone the last 3 years. I think the list compiles more of teams getting big checks and agreed to exposure when signing...
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    Matomi Wash Bottleneck

    Taken. It’s called the T1 challenge presented by...oh nvm.
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    Matomi Wash Bottleneck

    Wayne I apologize for saying you were first. My assumption was baseless and if you would let me know who was first I’ll look for his “thank you” thread. Again I wasn’t there but I’ve spent some time in a bottleneck once or twice. All situations are different, this one seems pretty straight...
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    Matomi Wash Bottleneck

    I wasn't there this time, but I have been in the past. The question isn't if UTVs are more or less capable then any other class, its if you think your race is more important than others. To answer your question specifically, a MOVING 10 car and 20 MOVING UTV's is a little different then parked...
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    Congratulations Broc Dickerson on Class 10 Win

    Congrats Broc and Cameron you guys overcame an early blow and turned it into a win! The decision to run projects was a gamble that most including myself probably wouldn't have taken, and a lot of BFG guys are scratching their heads this week! Also to Jake Velasco race prep. This is the 7th Class...
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    Congratulations to Rob and Brett

    Congrats on your great year Sourapas Motorsports! But I remember when Scott had 3 championships in one year! Scott and now Bo do things that most race shops would kill to do.You have one of the best kept secrets in off-road racing in your stable, can't wait to see whats in store for next year...
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    rzr xp100 4 seater good for prerunning?

    You can't beat a polaris in baja, especially the 4 seater with the right set up. I have over 3000 miles on my XP41K in Baja alone, and just recently went from Mexicali to Cabo in 6 days. Call Coyne and you'll be pre-running by the weekend!
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    Trophy Truck TV

    Roger, thanks for spending your time and money and at least trying...I for one would have probably put my energy towards something else at this point, but its good to know that you are still willing to take SCORE to the next level, whatever that may be. I for one am ashamed to once call some of...
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    Congrats Mcmillin/Hovey!

    Hell of a run boys!
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    no big deal just giv e me a call

    no big deal just giv e me a call
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    And happy birthday!!!

    And happy birthday!!!
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    Hello! my next confirmed appearance is V2R, I will make sure to come by and say HI!!!

    Hello! my next confirmed appearance is V2R, I will make sure to come by and say HI!!!
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    where my dump cans fool?!?!

    where my dump cans fool?!?!
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    Congrats KIT Racing

    Good Job Guys!
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    long lost racing friend...how goes it?

    long lost racing friend...how goes it?