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  • Borrego is my least favorite spot but what are you gonna do? Be safe and good luck down there!
    Maybe I'll see you down there. I'll probably chase out to Borrego then wait to catch them as they come back in..............
    yes I do not like Laughlin. it is good for a good drunk. That is out for me though not much drinking any more.
    On Next-Gen's page. It would be great to see it run again. I was with Darren from 90 thru 93. Ed Frisk was a major part of building that truck, have you guys talk to him about it?
    Just saw that you will be helping PBR with Darren York's old 7S. Very cool to see that the truck is still going! I have many hours wrenching and chasing that truck.
    Cool. The San Nicolas is right down in the middle of all the excitement. Nice easy walk to great tacos too!!! Be careful of your stuff, it is a top place to get your stuff jacked.
    I just found out I won't be at Laughlin either. My church mens retreat is that weekend. I'm pretty sure I'll be at Parker as a chaplain for Racers for Christ.

    Happy New Year Craig.
    Sounds like a great team! What a cool blessing to be able to race with 2 teams that are both classy outfits. Are you going to be at Laughlin with 1 of your teams?

    Happy New Year!
    I tired to recruit you for the DA and you were too busy with VW. No you've gone full tilt flat Biller without us! DANG! LOL LOL
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