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  • Hey man, saw pics of your 5 car on the model thread, what size generals are those? Car looks great
    I forget what pic i posted. Currently I run a 33x10.5x15 front and a 35x12.5x15 in the rear. I buff the rear down so it doesn't bite so hard.
    If you would like to do something with video, let me know. I have been working for Scott Whipple and Canidae in 2010 and have done a couple of videos that I've posted on youtube, my webpage "" and their Canidae racing site.
    This year, for Canidae, I have discounted my services to make it more appealing so that I can combine my love of desert racing with my profession in video production.
    I'd certainly be willing to help you get started with shooting video in Parker at the same "buddy" rate I gave Canidae. Believe me, I love being at the races and I'll do a lot to help out the guys who make this sport what it is.
    Check out BJ Balwin's website "" I'd recommend something like that with photos and video links. His videos are done to tell the story of each race...he can talk about his success or the trials and tribulations of racing in the desert. Then you can provide links to your site anywhere you can think of to get exposure.
    how you been travis? going on my second dez race the 12th in the new 1450. get to co-dog for two laps. :)
    i got a good wedding one last weekend. Ill hold out this month 2, I want the graduation to win. Ill wait till your done as well.
    i cant believe the media photo is in the lead for win stuff, lame O.
    Do the one with your crew guy in the kid car next!
    Wondered what you thought of my DT story re: your win at the CCO? I was disappointed to see no photos included, apparently because in an issue with both SCORE and BITD coverage and a reduced advertiser participation, John C. had no space available. Good luck to your dad and you, we'll be missing this event. Steve Ruddick should be back to cover the race. BRRR! looks like it will be cold at the start!
    oh shat! I forgot again. you will have it in time for Xmas!
    I placed the order just now and gave fish your address/size. I asked if he could just ship it to ya directly and ahvent heard back yet. Ill let ya know what he says. (Im usually not this flakey)
    It teach classes on being awesome. We are all booked up but I will put ya on the top if the waiting list ahead of all the Hollywood bozo's...
    Dont think I forgot about the shirt I owe ya. I still havent got all of my package of stuff yet, just the radio. i am going racing with fishdood this weekend and will sort out your tshirt then. Sorry to leave ya hanging... Ever since I won the contest I have been traveling doing talk shows/ interviews/ red carpet stuff/ hanging with celebrities etc/ signing autographs/ getting a book/movie/tv show deal also. I had no idea winning one littl contest on RDC would make me so famous...Winning the sightings contest has changed my life.:rolleyes:

    Seriously though. I will get going on this after the lemons race this weekend...

    I gotta go. Paris hilton is waiting for me in the limo. We are going to the Playboy Mansion tonight...

    For sure not a big deal I have a few friends that dont drink so not weird to me. I dont drink alot myself mostly desert trips or just out of town events. Good stuff for sure.
    Good lookin ill check it out right now.

    Thats cool the chicks took second bet they were stoked. Well lets get together sometime for drinks so that our visitor messages dont overflow jajaja.
    Good ish well if ur at the shop tomorrow give a call and maybe I'll swing by. 818-674-2693.
    Sweet sounds good. Were is ur shop at? And what class r they gonna be running? Is you sisters name lauren?
    Sweet. Yeah I'm so stoked for the snow. Yeah my chick is a shredder to I usually spend 90% of the time in the park unless there is real pow to hit. But yeah I went into oceanview boardshop to order my new board but gotta wait a couple more weeks until money flows right. What r u guys doin for Monday night football?
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