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  • Thanks for the pm and I will unnegative rep you. Many people with a camera on here Hijack threads of pro photogs and it gets alittle annoying at times. Nice to see nobody Hijacked your thread... I'll do what I can :cool:
    You could have sent me a PM, instead of giving me negative Rep... I support the photographers that take pictures of my truck But you may as well not waste your time taking pictures of it ever, because I won't be helping you out my friend!
    I wasn't trying to step on anyone on purpose I just didn't know..... I had like 20 posts total on here.
    i posted some pics in a thread with a generic title - snore rare at river images if it's a problem for you have a mod remove them, i don't care....
    hey dave! do you have any pics from crandon? let me know! you can email them to

    You are welcome to use ours Dave. It's not a prob. Count down to the 2-fiddy! The clean-up was a blast.
    cool! Hope you had a great weekend! I watched live on the stream that someone did. Was a crazy race. TT and the class 1 driving in reverse. That's just nuts. Sounds like Bryce and Larry are teamed up for the year so they'll have some more chances. Here is my e-mail for the pics. I got our contingency sheets for awards and I think I caught a couple errors. Just be aware in case anyone contacts you about contingency for DRIVE.
    Hey Dave!!
    That is awesome!! Where can I check out the pics you took? As long as I don't get a killer deal on airfare to another country that week I will be at the ORGP :D If not then I will for sure be at the next Drive race as well as Battle at Primm and the Mint! So if you plan on being at any of those let me know!! :D have a great day!
    Pleasure meeting you to. Glad to see the internet doing well for you in Laughlin!!! I keep peeking on RDC to see if your pics are posted. Looks like the Cully truck got contingency from you for
    2nd. He is excited about that. I had a great time out at the DRIVE race and it was a nice getting to put a face with the name. I'll be seeing you again soon I am sure. Thanks for everything! You are great!
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