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    Quick valving question

    I might be overlooking this, but I read that your tire pressure is at 30psi in the dirt. I think you will notice a world of difference in the chop dropping your PSI down to 15-20psi. No wonder your truck is feeling so rough and harsh lol.
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    Fox 2.5 bump stops

    Take a look at this video. It's a video on how to shorten your bumpstop which you don't need, but it shows all the steps on how to disassemble and reassemble a bumpstop. It's pretty cheap to take it to get rebuilt too if it seems too difficult. I took my bumpstop to the Fox HQ in El Cajon and it...
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    GoPro record directly to external hard drive?

    Unfortunately since Go Pro uses a Micro SD Card you can only have 256GB max memory as of now. Keep in mind you can record 12 hours straight of 4k footage on a 256GB Micro SD. If you need more than that you are going to have to look into a professional camera solution other than a GoPro, as it...
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    Chase rack ideas for Nnbs silverado

    Take a look at this setup.
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    Moisture inside Rigid D2 Dually Light

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    Moisture inside Rigid D2 Dually Light

    Has anyone else had this problem? I contacted rigid and they wanted me to send it in for them to repair but I would have to pay for shipping and also I would have to pay for uninstalling and reinstalling the light (Since I'm not too car savvy). Pretty frustrating when I could just buy a brand...
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    Fox Bumpstop Issue

    @Mark Newhan You are correct about the negative spring! Thanks for being able to pinpoint the problem! Do you think it's from a bad seal or are they prone to losing nitrogen over time? I sincerely appreciate your help.
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    Fox Bumpstop Issue

    Not yet, don't have a gauge. I'm assuming that's more than likely the culprit! Thanks for the response!
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    Fox Bumpstop Issue

    I have a 2015 Wrangler Sport 4 dr and i've been using Fox 2.0 IFP bumpstops for roughly 4 months (2,000 miles +/-) and I just noticed that my right front bumpstop is stuck halfway. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions would be great appreciated!
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    Hi, my name is LJ. Looking for help finding long travel kit for 2500hd silverado

    Take a look at this thread. chevy 2500HD long travel?
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    On Topic Tire Noise BF Goodrich KO2 or Toyo RT

    I can't speak for the Toyo RT but I've got 35" Toyo AT's on my jeep and love them. Fairly quiet too. Haven't had good luck with the KO2's. They would always ride rough after 10,000 miles or so (for me at least) even when I had them rotated frequently. But noise wise I don't remember the KO2's...
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    Has Anyone Installed These Fox Bumpstops?

    Didn't think about them moving around as you mentioned or the stock bump tube being weak. Thanks again for the input! I'm going to add a hyperlink to the instructions as well if anyone else happens to need them. http://www.polyperformance.com/Instructions/605-01-151_REV_A.pdf
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    Has Anyone Installed These Fox Bumpstops?

    Thanks for the advice @skullver.
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    Has Anyone Installed These Fox Bumpstops?

    @atomicjoe23 There isn't a pinch can for the front. I believe you install the tall lock ring onto the lower part of the bump stop through the factory bump stop tube and install the short upper lock ring. You move the lock rings until the desired bump stop location is achieved. You have to...
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    Has Anyone Installed These Fox Bumpstops?

    I recently bought 4 Fox IFP 2.0 Bumpstops for my 2015 Jeep wrangler sport unlimited with an AEV 2.5" kit and 35's. I purchased them from an offroad shop in El Cajon and was quoted $800 for installation because they said they were difficult to install. Is this a fair price? I think it's pretty...