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  • Is Dan Chamlee racing the 500?? He usally signs up early, last time I looked no Dan??
    Hey bud - just got word one of our team members will be heading down around 3pm on Wednesday so I've got the ride covered. I really appreciate your offer!
    Hey man, thanks for the ride offer. Let me know when you find out for sure!
    I noticed you asked about travel time to San Ignacio. Just wanted to let you know it took us eleven hours to get there a few years back at a cruising 65mph in my old Toy. Nice little town.
    Here is a couple of pictures of my truck Hope to see you at the RECORD race!!!


    here's the link to elforo

    and of the complete build.....

    Let me know what you think!
    Carlos Fonseca
    Ok, because they joined a Deathmatch in Terminal and I owned them. They kept camping in the plane and I killed them about 6 times. It was great.
    IF that ever happens that will be the greatest day in your life. For me it'll be a Tuesday.


    Just keep at it and get a HEADSET! So I can tell you all the tricks.

    And what was the crash that you had Doug remove from his Decade video? Was it Baldwin's from a few years back?
    You have to make Custom Classes. You've been using the top 5 classes on the list, the default classes. Below those are the 5 custom classes you can make. I recommend the M4 until you unlock the SCAR. And the UMP 45 sub machine gun for the smaller maps. and a shot gun for your secondary weapon.
    Cool. Free-for-all is a quick way to level up and get more XP. You'll get better once you unlock some more weapons and better perks. A big thing is knowing the maps like the back of your hand and knowing all the tricks you can do in them.
    Watch the kill cams too. See what those guys are using, their perks, and what you did wrong to get yourself killed.
    You want to stop getting owned in MW2, stop running down the middle of the streets. Stay next to the walls and get cover. You're an open target out in the streets. I was watching you make these mistakes but couldn't tell you. You need a headset.
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