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  • hey big guy, happy brithday day! hope you have a great day with your family and friends. hope life is treating you well:)
    Pretty certain Rick Thomas has always owned it, it you look back on some of the photo sights in the BITD races specifically the TT 250 in Pahrump maybe 2001, 2002, 0r 2003 you can get a look at his class 8 then and maybe compare. It was white back then, and looked real similar to Robby Fallers class 8 back then as well. I would like to say he may of originally bought it off a guy named Rick Wiseman, but I would be lying if I said that as I dont know for sure.....

    The guys name in the white #53 TT at Primm is Rick Thomas, yes the truck was at one time an 8 truck, it still has the frame under it and looks legal for class 8, but from what I have seen I cant tell if he has arched the frame or not, and that would be the only thing making it illegal for 8.

    we passed Chamlee in the infield because he was high centered, started out into the desert and were running good for a few miles but then the engines started missing and at mile 33 the engine went out...oh well
    I will crush the not only the Blue Water buffet but their restaurant as well!!!! How about it!!! You got my vote when you need it!
    Chicken Lips even though you think Parker sucks! I am in need of your vote in the RDC WIN Stuff section for the thread August 2009 thread! So I am soliciting your vote for the picture titled, "The Beautiful"!
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