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Chris Tobin
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Jan 22, 2018 at 2:14 PM
Apr 30, 2007
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Dayton, TN

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Chris Tobin

Well-Known Member, from Dayton, TN

Chris Tobin was last seen:
Jan 22, 2018 at 2:14 PM
    1. ATRacing
    2. blue dog
      blue dog
      We finished the 2006 baja 1000 on pemex diesel in the worthington Sheriff dodge ram diesel. And when i was with Kroeker in 2005 he did it as well. Or it could have been 06 and 07. memory is not what it was.
    3. Jangaard
      OK Chris, I changed it I think. My mom would be so proud of me.
    4. Jangaard
      Part6 I think I can change my vote. I will try, even though it doesn't help prove my point.
      Steve Jangaard
    5. Jangaard
      part5 It worked just great how it was.
      If I ran/owned this cite I would entertain changing only one thing at the moment. That would be people signing up with their real names. Then there is accountability for what you say on here, as there should be in life. split
    6. Jangaard
      part4Lets take Pistol Pete as an example. I have met him personally, but know him more from his posts on here. Entertaining guy, yes. Crazy, at times. When he gets out of control I, along with others see his name and don't even read his post anymore. If he crosses the line set by the mediators then he gets banned.split
    7. Jangaard
      part 3 I think that this cite already has its own checks and balances and I have always loved to get on here. I think this will be a big mistake to have this feature. split
    8. Jangaard
      Part 2 Anyway, I see this system as a bad idea and feel that it will become a popularity contest that will turn into a form of cyber bullying. The fact that you, and I have our names up, tells us something about our character.
    9. Jangaard
      Part 1 Sorry Chris. I disliked you only to prove a point. I did it to Klaus too. I would imagine he is not wondering who it was because I would suspect he can see it was me. Klaus then liked my "negative" post and took all the fight out of me.

    10. wheeli
      thanks for the rep........someones gotta stick up for rg
    11. dan200
      Ihad surgery. a foot long titanium rod in my shin inside my bone and several set screws to hold it in place. im out for 2 months. This will deplete my savings but I will get by. My insurance is pretty good also so I am not all that terrified of the bills.

      Thankfullly I am nearing the end of my lawsuit and the settlement from when I rolled my 4 runner will help me get back on top.

      For now, I'm gonna watch a bunch of tv, read a couple of books and keep poppin my percocets. My job will be there when i get better also.

      Hope all is well with you.
    12. dan200
      Thanks for the well wishes Chris. My leg hurts so friggin bad. Even with my pills I still feel like I have a hundred "charlie Horses". Oh well, what are ya gonna do?

      Bones heal,
      chicks dig scars,
      pain is temporary,
      glory is forever!
    13. dan200
    14. buddy crisp
      buddy crisp
      Hi Chris,
      My name is Buddy Crisp and I would like to talk with you about your freelance work as a photographer and editor. When is a good time we could talk?
    15. dan200
    16. monsterarmy
    17. Mary Kay
      Mary Kay
      happy birthday, hope you have a great day:)
    18. Mike @ pit b
      Mike @ pit b
      Happy Birthday.
    19. pdailey
      We are hanging in there!
    20. SandGurl
      Been awhile! Happy birthday! Hope your day is a great one.
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