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    Murdock Nav Map Links Down

    🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 this is great news!
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    First Time Dad

    Oh're in for an adventure!!! It took us a "minute" to find our rhythm when we were new parents. Specific advice is tuff (and would probably end up being wrong anyway). By way of example both my girls are as different as can be. What works for one, is a miserable failure with the...
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    Donald Jackson resigns as Operations Manager of BITD

    Doubt he'll remember this, but I pulled a "whistle-dick" move and tried to ride my MX bike on the day one A ride during the 2015 Nevada 200. I couldn't clear a hill and got stuck at the bottom. Donald let me ride his (properly setup) Gas-Gas to clear the hill and he wrangled my bike to the...
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    Post your favorite photo from Baja!

    Me and my bud Justin during a Herzog peninsula run. Shot from the same trip - patio of Hotel Playa Del Sol. Baja is rad and east cape is one of my favorite places on earth! And same trip - a somber moment of respect for a fallen racer. I'll remember that trip for the rest of my life!
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    Need Wiring

    I’m sure the OP already got his car wired but wanted to post an endorsement for EJ Wireworks. I made a real mess of things over the past year as I’ve added accessories to my golf cart. Found this thread thru a search and gave EJ Wireworks a shot. Went to Eric and Jamie to have it all redone. He...
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    Happy Birthday RDC

    Much appreciation Klaus for all the dedication! Happy 20th to the rdc community! Number 67 here. Crazy how time flies! When I signed up I was single and had no kids and had never seen a desert race or Baja. Now I’m married 10 years and have two kids and have been to and participated in lots...
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    Raceair Wiring??

    Awesome, thank you all very much!
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    Raceair Wiring??

    Both wires are same color. Fuse between switch and battery - what size? And should I use a relay or can I wire the switch directly to the oem busbar without a relay? Also what gage wire should I be using?
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    Raceair Wiring??

    I just bought a pci raceair pumper for my new rzr but I’m completely useless when it comes to wiring. But I can follow instructions well enough. Can someone give me a single line diagram for how I should wire this thing up? Many thanks.
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    4 seat turbo s

    I was never any good at riding bikes, even after 20 years at it. I recently sold the last one I had in the garage and was in the market for something with a cage. Looked at a ton of used 4 seaters and some baja bugs and other prerunners. Ultimately it boiled down to a value proposition and the...
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    BLM shooting people now?

    Yep I agree 98% comment. Always two sides to every story. Blm side sounds quite thin but I guess we'll see how it unfolds over the coming days. I ride that canyon all the time between Dillon and geology tour road loop and back. I love Joshua tree. Run into nps rangers and blm officers from...
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    On Topic 50th SCORE Baja 500

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    New Toyota based Pro Comp Raptor killer!

    Just bought a '18 tundra last Friday. First Toyota since the '81 4x4 single cab I learned to drive in raising hell in the hills around San Clemente when I was a kid. This tundra rips. Super stoked on it. The 5.7 motor is awesome. Thirsty but awesome. Raptor killer it's not. At least not as it...
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    The Channel is "Code Red"

    RIP Bob and sincere condolences to the PCI family. We were up jeepin' by big bear one weekend a bunch of years ago and I just happen to have my race radio on weatherman. (With the mic disconnected of course cuz I'm no Richard Cranium). Out of nowhere comes his voice over the radio. I guess he...
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    Into the Dust movie

    I just found it the other night. As others have said great watch! Definitely worth checking it out if you haven't already.