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    SCORE - San Felipe 250?

    I like the revisions to the plan. Only thing I do not support is the vote for qualifying. Teams that don’t feel comfortable qualifying, or even race for that matter, absolutely have the right to skip it. However, that is their OWN decision. Teams that don’t want to qualify shouldn’t ruin it for...
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    Class 10 is the most "unlimited" limited class

    No, you don't... trust me. The further up front you are, the more advantage you have since the sand gets so chewed up. If it's anything similar to the last few years, a quality 10 car should smoke a good 6100 ESPECIALLY if they start before them. But remember, you need to have a car ready to go...
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    On Topic 360 camera reviews?

    FWIW, the Garmin VIRB 360 is crash proof! In all seriousness, this camera was great. I personally prefer the GoPro's a little more, despite them not being a 360. Whatever floats your boat.
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    Baja 1000 Teams / Favorite to win

    Cameron Steele and Ricky Johnson in the Team C AWD. This is Team C's final race before officially hanging it up and closing shop so I know they are going to throw everything at it to win.
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    Baja 1000 Teams / Favorite to win

    There is another "dream team" not announced yet that will be my pick to win...
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    2019 Baja 400 Incar Camera (4 Hours of Footage!)

    Hey guys, Here is over 4 hours of raw, unedited incar footage of the physically leading Trophy Truck at this year's Baja 400. Brett and I were super excited to finally get the opportunity tor ace with each other in a Trophy Truck. We had a lot of success racing with each other in 6100, but...
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    BITD 6100 rules for 2020....

    Which Trophy Trucks are you watching? Rob Mac, Robby, Bryce, McMillins, Apdaly, Justin Lofton, Voss, Arciero, Tavo , Cameron Steele (just to name a few) or any of the top contending Trophy Trucks are not slowing down more than any 6100. Contrary to popular belief, momentum is still essential in...
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    Hitting a donkey wide open on a motorcycle - 2019 V2R

    PTSD in 3...2...1 But seriously though, better be lucky than good!
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    Motion Sickness at V2R

    I get really bad motion sickness, believe it or not. I have definitely thrown up in a couple of races, and many on the verge. What makes Vegas to Reno a special case is it's usually hot as balls, there is change of elevation throughout the race, and the twisty, windy, "roller coaster" roads all...
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    What is Robby building?

    Honest question. Short Answer: No. On the BFG 40, we can run up to twice as much distance with the AWD. We ran the same tires all weekend last year at Laughlin. I would be confident that we could run the entire Vegas to Reno without changing tires. It's really crazy how much the front tires...
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    I have raced BITD, SCORE, and MORE and I have nothing but great things to say about the MORE series. Cody and team do a fantastic job with their races and the courses are super fun and diverse. The last race we just won last month was one of my favorite courses period! It’s probably too close...
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    Robby Gordon TT AWD conversion

    The entire purpose of Unlimited Trophy Truck is to race for the overall win. For example, if my brother and/or I won in TT but got beat by a buggy for the overall (which seems rare nowadays, but I digress), it would be a huge let down. Same sorta goes with having 2 separate “unlimited” Trophy...
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    Mint 400 & UTVWC Independent in 2020

    North course??? $100k purse?? Now you're speaking my language!