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  • i did the exact same thing for the 500 in june. me and my co-driver steve finnegan have always started the races so i decided to see what the checkered flag looked like for once......we finished first in class at 4 in the morning. sal wasn't there and only a couple of folks from score were there waving the flag. there were no beautiful tecate sleaze kitties there to kiss us and only a few wigged out drunks on meth at the finish line and most of my team mates that weren't too tired from the race .....think i'll start the things from now on....anyway , way to go. it just feels better when you do well doesn't it? you take care.
    No haven't read it. Do you think it's at the library? And its true what you say, but unfortunately they make us run the same courses over and over - it will take 20 years before these courses can renew and look like we've never been there. That, my dear, is the problem - and it's BLM created in fear of the greenies. I was at the forefront with the ASA when that whole Glamis thing came down and was the secretary of CORVA then too. The BLM is notorious for backing down to the greenies. We need to stand behind and support them to help lead the fight. We need to get responsible people like ourselves into the BLM, USFS, USFWS, etc, just like they have infiltrated.
    I just finished my degree at Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) in Finance with honors! Now if I could only take that invitation to start the Baja 1000 in a TT back that I turned down...

    Good luck to you, the best thing to do is finish as fast as you can (racing or school)!
    I just saw this message, sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Send me the size you need and address and I will see what I have that I can send you.
    So yeah, I got banned for what I said in the rep I left ya. Oh well, I stood up against people for talking down to you. Oh well, it is what it is. And your assessment of the guy is spot on, I mean hell, he nominated HIMSELF to the list of awesome.

    Who does that????
    yep. flexplate looks like frankenstein with flux core wire welds but we've got it hangin' on a wall somewhere. now we've got a culhane flexplate and have no should go to contingency. san felipe is only 3 and a half hours from ensenada so there's plenty of time to get there but i know you've got to set up things right. we'll see i reckon.
    yes sir. i hope we can make it that far .you never know. we do have a score to settle this year for having timed out by 13 minutes last year when we had to weld up a flexplate out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night. are you gonna be at contingency with the 84?
    we're #1501. white ford ranger. it'll be dark most likely but we're slow enough for you to get a pic or two ja ja. hell, we might even pull over and have a sammitch and a cool beverage with you. i've got a shack and trailer down there at km 45.5 south of town.
    Very minor role, I produced a bit when he was in PHX for Entertainment Tonight. Nice guy, funny, down-to-earth at the time. And could drive the HELL out of a Honda FL250 Odyssey! Endo it and keep on going!
    Not feeling too humorous this am, but thanks for the clarification. Where DID you get those quoted terms you used and what do they mean? Will the nuby know?

    BTW, helped promote Mr. T before the A-Team days.
    Not feeling too humorous this am, but thanks for the clarification. Where DID you get those quoted terms you used and what do they mean? Will the nuby know?
    Glad to hear you still have it. That thing's bada$$! Plus, it'll rip with the roller 350. My projects coming along. Getting the engine and transmission in right now. It's fun when you have to make everything from scratch =) haha
    Yo dude, haven't heard from you in a while. How's that senior project coming? You still got your truck?
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