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    James Garner AMC for 2016 M1K

    I grew up in Redlands too. Graduated from RHS in '75.
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    Favorite Race Vehicle

    If there is a category for "Best Sounding" my vote would go to Josh Daniel's class 1.
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    SCORE IV250 2015

    I was Checkpoint 1. We also ran a checkpoint at the IV 250 in April 2014. At the April race we asked if we were to stop vehicles and we were told no. At this race we assumed the same thing and we weren't stopping racers for the first half of the first race before someone came out and corrected...
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    SCORE Imperial Valley 250 - info thread

    This happened near our checkpoint. It looks a lot worse than it really was. I believe it was as simply a case of follow the leader. Another car broke in the racing line and the cars shown tried to go around and inadvertently went down the embankment. The problem was getting a heavy enough...
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    SCORE coming to Plaster City

    The Imperial Valley Press is reporting this morning that SCORE will be holding a race at Plaster City in April!
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    Imperial Valley Off Road Appriciation Night

    Anything I can do to help, Doug, let me know. PM me (or call if you still have my ##).
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    Now that HDRA show has aired...Opinions??

    Chris Dyson, Paul Gentilozzi, Joey Hand, Ryan Hunter-Reay, Gunnar Jeanette, Andy Lally, Simon Pagenoud. Do you know these guys? They are not household names, but they are just a few of the drivers who compete in the American Le Mans series. The ALMS is a multi class road race series, but it does...
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    Now that HDRA show has aired...Opinions??

    I am a volunteer course worker. When I have worked positions that required the recording vehicle numbers some cars have easy to read numbers and others do not. I wouldlike to see a standardized numbering. Its sometimes difficult to locate the number on a car because of dirt and mud or even the...
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    HRDA TV listings for Redline @ Stateline

    For Imperial Valley it is on Time-Warner Cable FSW channel 54 and FSWHD channel 798 at 5:30 pm. Excellent!
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    HDRA Redline at Stateline and Imperial 250 on Fox Sports Network

    For Imperial Valley it is on Time-Warner Cable FSW channel 54 and FSWHD channel 798 at 5:30 pm. Excellent!
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    HDRA Imperial 250 pics

    Luis, Besides the helio, where were you taking your action shots? (approx. race mile).
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    Imperial 250 HDRA Photos

    I know the driver and his story is that he endoed on lap one somewhere between CP5 and 7. In-car video facing the driver shows that he was knocked unconscious briefly. He landed on his wheels so when he came to he restarted the engine and took off. He did another complete lap and at the top end...
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    HDRA Plaster City Race Updates

    I heard El Centro Tower call twice wanting to get verification that the helicopters were on the ground and the airspace was clear. I never heard Race Ops confirm.
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    HDRA Race 2 Plaster City

    5:30 PM is the plan.
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    HDRA Race 2 Plaster City

    Right now I have about 7 confirmed and some maybes. I plan to get a table for about 10 and see what develops. I'd be glad to give you a lift home after the safety meeting.