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  • Hey Erick saw that you are in for the race. That"s great. Should be lots of fun. See you there. #599 bajajag motorsports. Al.
    Hey! Nice to here from you. I have been out of town since the race and did not have access to a computor. How have you been? We started going over the car and it should be ready for the next race at superstition. Are you guys racing? It should be lots of fun. We are also planning on going to the San Felipe 250 to spectate and camp out. Are you guys going? Let us know maybe we can hook up and talk racing! Stay in touch.
    i might actually have a few..i'll have to check..unfortunately I cant for a few days but I'll get back to you on it..
    Hi Erik
    it was a long day for us. Richard broke an axle first lap. broke limet strap and a CV the second lap. then put Timmy in for the last two and a half laps. he has never drove a 5-16. we are also trying to get P / S in our car. i drove pattons car new years with p / s and it makes a difference. any thing we can help with give me a call. Dennis
    i think it is arm fatigue which in a long race is great. great in the tight technical stuff because you can actually turn and put the car anywhere you want. i drive most of the 200- 250 mile races with out help and i am sore everywhere minus my hands and arms. so to it is a advantage.
    on the other hand danny ledezma has driven my car and doesn't like it at all and says he prefers no p/s.
    hope it helps.
    thanks alot. yeah it is very nice too have i have driven both and in my opinion is if you want to just get into 5-1600 you don't need to have it but if you want to have a car built or build it yourself to a high level then you want to install a ps system.
    yeah my hands, and body become really tired after a few laps, and i feel everything all the rocks, and hard hits on the track. I think it would help with less fatigue, help me control the car more, and a bit faster since i have more control???
    More of a luxury than anything. But being in the car in a long race, it sure is nice having it. I drove 6 hours in the mint this year and it would have sucked not having it in my opinion.
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