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  • Thanks dude! The TK kids have been throwing it down all year and deserve a lot of respect .. I know im not always in the majority when I vouch for the TK's but the battle between the kids has been epic!
    when is myles gonna be bumped into a mod?! we ALL know that kid would destroy everyone in that class
    No problem, go get them trucks, not sure if I can come watch this one, if I do I will stop by and say hello for sure.
    Congrats on that Championship
    yes you did.and from what I hear you did a good job racin this year.Congrats.
    hey congrats on the championship. Hopefully i'll be running next to you in 2010! I'm trying to go to the challenge cup. if i do i'll be suree to swing by and say hi to you and myles
    Thanks chuck we do love racing with you guys hope you show the super buggy class the way around primm and take home the championship, tell miles good luck this weekend
    Hey! It was great to see you! If you're going to Primm, let's make time to sit down, have a beer & laugh at all the stupid stuff we used to do...........! By the way, the dude that rode his Yamaha thru Bellflower High (naked) was Randy Green, wasn't it? hahahahahaha
    ya i should be at the final round chuck, we'll defiantly talk in primm !! thanks for being so receptive of FAST-aid. we'll see if we cant work something out when i see you at primm, ill bring extra stickers too :D keep up the good work and dont let Dondel push you around too much! haha let me (us) know if you EVER need anything! that's what "the family" is for...

    Hey Chuck! Joe Heger said i was going up there tomorrow to pick up parts for him. Can I get your Address to your shop and Phone again
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