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  • hey Darren,
    next time you guys go testing I would like to have you put your laptop on the computer and change the RPM range
    hey darren, this is kai wilson. would you, karl, and clint be interested in racing snore next year at all? are you going to be racing the more race in a couple weeks?
    Sooo you got water toys too!! sheeeshh! lucky guy! Me......Just heading out to the MINT tomorrow!!! but will def let you know bout riding sometime....
    its definately riding weather! will catch up with ya after the weekend...oh and let me know if you all are still racing at GH.
    Take Care!
    Wasssup Stanger??? racing soon??? behaving? ;) Had a blast at BAP, crazy times at the TreeBar for sure and great racing!
    Hey Darren!

    Just a quickie to say helloooo and see whats new with you and the cars? Hope all is good! :)
    Hey Darren,
    Thanks!! I had so much fun, but I now have a new respect for drivers :) I was so done when we finished..

    Brian is okay but not very happy, he ended up with about 30 stiches they are hoping he won't lose his toe.

    Thanks again I had a blast!!
    Hey cnc man I would like to talk to you privitely about an additional engine to include in your rules call me at 760-440-0641 or after 1pm 760-522-8662
    Hey Darren,

    Heard you guys did great in Lucerne! Congrats!! Great Stuff!!! Saw some pics of the C-1's in the forum from the race..which # were you? Sorry we missed you guys, BL was just too tired after a morning at the office and the docs....he mentioned you may be back in Lucerne on the 27th so hopefully well catch you then! :)
    Top of the morning to ya Darren,
    Randy brought BL home round 11 pm last nite so I havent got to see him yet...but Im just about ready to leave and pick up groceries for him and head up there...I will get on him about that next race ;) hahhaa...well give him a day of rest (and a shower) today and get him hooked up with his docs and therapy here...
    Yeah hes a super guy and Im glad to to have him a such a special friend...he can just about take any one on a give em a good run..
    definately NO Fear there...I will get the SD card out and make some DVD's and some clips for the internet..and well get those out to u guys...Thanks again Darren for being there for Shelly and I..and for being there with BL on Saturday...Your a star!
    Hope your feelin' 100%...Saw some cool pix from the photographers, and will have to get some for BL..
    Till next time, take Care
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