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  • yeh it was cool meeting you. Thanks for keeping me in mind, i do hope there will be more avenues for off road i can take. i will be around the forums so hit me up if u have any opportunities for me.
    hey little bic-h. you solving the worlds electrical problems again ? i didn't think you had time working on fixing a screen door for two weeks. ja ja. what's up?
    hey bud. scott sent down that mounting part for the on board camera. it's here at the house.
    What's up brother!!!??? Hope you're well. Think about you often and can't help but wonder how my Stevie boy is doin. Best wishes to you and yours!
    Roles are reversed for me as well this race. I won't be chasing a truck, but will be helping with the Locos Mocos pit at RM137-ish. There's something to be said for just hanging out and spectating though. It's very fun in it's own right.
    Nice pic of 603 in your SF250 album. I was chasing that truck during the race, and it was a great time!
    I am so looking forward for it. I hope Randy still have available seats though.....I really want to be part this year. I hope we can work it out.
    See you there ;)
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