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  • Thanks Man. Doing it for the love of the sport, and to race against as many cars possible.
    The race is still a little over 2 months away, and we already have 20 cars, were just waiting for the rest of the Mexican Big Dogs to sign up.
    There will be 30 cars easy.
    Hey Cody,
    How's It going ??? Just wanted to invite you to the 5-1600 shootout @ the Ensenada to San Felipe 250. It races the 500 & 250 courses, and is only $ 430.00 to enter.
    Whaddya Say ???
    Great. I really hope you guys have a great race. Lotta cars =$$$$$$. Good luck. If you need anything Call me direct 619-933-2616.
    Hey kid how are you. Too bad you guys didn't win the football game. Remember the spindle I gave you for the lights. I need either the spindle back or a pair of lights. Figure it out, I gave the item to you not your dad. No more excuses, I will see you at the race. This is not in any way a threat so just look for the part please. I would not ask for it unless it was needed, Sean.
    Way to keep it under control and suck dust thinking about the long run...Very hard for some people to do that.
    GREAT JOB DUDE!!... way to hammer down!!... you did great

    it was good to finely meet you, you and your pops are a class act, keep up the hard work

    Hey Cody, I never posted on RDC before, but registered today to give you prop's. Although you didn't win 1st you won in my eyes. You gave hell of a race this weekend. Keep racing side by side and be patient, the win will come. That was some fun racing.........Thanks.
    Cody , are related to Gregg Agee?? Tom son? I've sub contracted for Gregg alot up in the heritage. drilling wells and such ,drilled Jermey's well and pump system and so one ,Just curios?
    WHy what? A million other people have posted the same reply I did, and I get **BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME** cuse I don't know the guys in Iraq. Internet tough guys crack me up
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