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  • When I moved to the Phoenix area in 1974, you could go off roading within the city limits, and almost anywhere in AZ. The testing areas moved farther and farther out as the metroplex grew. From the central city it now takes about 1:15 to get to a legal test area, if the traffic is light.

    The kid that started this is no racer, of course, and is just looking for some nearby fun with his truck. It's a good 90+ minutes from HB to Barstow, if you have Fast-Trak and traffic is light...remember how long THREE HOURS were when we were young? ;)
    Daryl, we have a place near Pozo but nothing around here comes close to simulating the desert. It's fun but not really valid as a test.
    No rancher to the east of PR will let you guys test? I know it's been 40+ years, but I recall bombing around the roads of the Forrestor place, they in their Jeep, me in a Bug...

    Must be somebody interested in letting you hae a little loop...
    It is my understanding that Brett Sloppy, and his mother, are among the claimants suing the BLM.

    He'll kill off road racing in CA one way or another. :(

    Irresponsible, pretend victim, IMHO.
    It's the Trail 90 - CT, model changed little between 68-79 model years, with the dual-range transmission, auto clutch.

    Came with milk crate clamped to luggage rack.

    Looks to me that only three areas remain in the Mohave where one could possibly stage a decent length car/truck loop: Barstow, Plaster City and Ridgecrest.

    Are any of the huge private ranches that used to be east of Paso Robles in the 60's still in existance?

    My dad was friends with the owners of one, I drove all over it in a bug as a kid.
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