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  • Give me a week let me see what I can put together. I do want it. How does it perform?
    Hey ryan, whats up.hey my neighbors kid Kyle is going to MMI out there ,u guys looking for any helpers in the race shop,he is just looking to make a few bucks while going to school
    Nope still have it. I had a ton of interest from people who either didn't have the money or wanted to trade something for it. I still would like to sell it. I was asking quite a bit for it before...was kinda testing the waters.... How's that prerunner coming along? Mine is finally in the sheet metal phase...
    Well the Chevy body for the SPD trucks is owned by Brian Collins and Bobby Baldwin. And at this time the Baldwins will not allow any bodies to be purchased. The don't want any other trucks to look like theirs. Thanks, Robbie
    Thats pretty good considering the circumstances, let along being Parker. its a tough race anyways! I'm not planning on racing my car this year. I have a Pro2 bein finished and hopefully I'll make the Lucas Series this year. Keep the pictures coming on your new project.
    Mines in finish mode again...hopefully will be done in the next 3-4 months. It's gonna be 3 years in October, so i would like to take it to the 1000 and break it in prerunning. I did see your new project, it's looks pretty bitchin. Are you guys racing this year any?
    Just thought I would put it out there...thinking about building a 4wd. How's your prerunner coming? Who's doing the work for you?
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