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  • Hey Ruben: Just wanted to say Hi! I miss coming to the Coral for the races. Hopefully we'll stay there for the 1000 this year. Would love to see you my friend!

    -Mike "Stimpy" Bono
    Hi Ruben:

    I met you with Billy Robertson yesterday. We had a great trip but I forgot
    to do one of the things that we went to Ensenada for. The Hotel Santa
    Tomas has been sold and I can't find their new phone number anywhere on the Internet. Do you have any idea how I can find it? All of the websites have their old number.

    Also, would you be interested in joining out racers email list, "ElChismoso?" You'll get about 100 emails a day from an all racers group.
    It's like the RDC forum but a lot easier to work-just hit [reply] & it goes to the whole list. There's a lot of information about off-road racing, cars & bikes plus a lot of rumors. Tony Barraza, Rory Ward, Billly are all members and I'm sure, a lot of other guys that you know. You would be a welcome addition to the group.

    Nice meeting you....hope to see you again soon!

    Ruben, good to see you this weekend, did you make it out to the race? I would think that you have some senority there at the Coral, you've been there long enough! Welcome to RDC! Rory (Racers Only).
    Hello Ruben,

    Rick Johnson here. We have 1 room at the Coral. A lot of things changed since Ernesto left. We tried to stay ther at the 1000 last year, but they raised the room rates way up. How have you been???
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