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    More freedom 250

    I had no idea that the entire ohv area was crippled to 35 mph during the race. One would naturally think that if you are far enough from the race course that everything was normal. I never even saw a speed limit sign the entire weekend.
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    Center mounted A-Arm VS equal length I-beams

    Well me and my friends are crossing this same question right now. Our big concern is of course the cost of the components we can't make ourselves. We are about to find out if this whole thing is feasible with a realistic budget. The main thing to get over is the steering rack. If we can find an...
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    Saginaw 808 steering box?

    Thanks for the lead. I'm trying to find something more heavy duty for swinger steering for my equallength ibeams.... might end up just running a ranger box if i comes down to it
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    F100 suspension options

    I have a friend at NS offroad that made a Uniball beam setup for his 68' F100 on stock pivots..... he would be a way more affordable choice compared to Blitzkrieg's $7800 kit. But you'll need coilovers
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    Saginaw 808 steering box?

    Where do I find the part number to buy a new/ rebuilt one? Not much info on the internet.... Tom @ Lee power steering said something like late 80's big cadillacs had them and the Military hummers..... anyone have a part number?
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    I herd foa shocks suck.

    I have seen seal issues with body expansion and piston clearance. They use DOM for the shock bodies........ not the best material for that application. Look at radflo or Fox.
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    Radflow shocks???????

    and they took 1st, 3rd and 5th at King of the Hammers..... And they will have a booth at the offroad expo next month too.
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    Radflow shocks???????

    I personally bought 4 16" 2.5 coilovers for my F100. They are really cool and very helpful to anyone. The machining quality is awesome and the shafts are stronger than the traditional chromolly chromed shafts. I would encourage anyone to look into Radflo. Awesome support and Glenn and Ron are...
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    FOA Shocks

    Have you considered Radflo Shocks? They are more affordable than King and offer great support. Not to knock on anyone's brand of preference but I've heard a lot of not nice things about FOA. i've heard alot about seal problems and constantly having to rebuild them. But you could argue thats all...
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    Beams or A Arms on an f150?

    But I like my dirty hooker travel ha ha. How about making your own style like camburg with adjustable camber....?
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    how to mount crossover steering?

    but some cad drawings would be nice if you have some :) ha ha ... make sure to save them in 2005 format though ha ha ... you engineer much?
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    hmmm i would say flip them like what you were saying.... and take some more measurements.... you don't want to loose any wheel base, or else its just gonna make for a worse ride... most i hear everyone say is 120" wheel base or more is the best..... im sitting at 118" in my F100. close enough...
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    how to mount crossover steering?

    ha ha no... they are exactly like blitzkrieg's swingers for the F150 I beam..... i need some guidance of where to put them in relation to the spindles, the swingers to each other, where the beam pivots...
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    hmmmm what would your wheel base be if you hypothetically used those link arms? Who made the links?
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    how to mount crossover steering?

    come on!!!!!!!!! i need help!!!!!!!!! anyone?