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  • Hey Cronus, I'm having trouble with messages on race-dezert! I sent Cindy and Susie friend requests on Facebook, but my maiden name is not posted on there (not surprising, I don't broadcast the "Seaman" name to anyone who only knows me as Rocke!), so I don't know if they'll accept.
    I did get your message about Scott going to Baja, did I tell you my hubby and I are going too? We are travelling with the same team that you saw me w/ in Bishop, "Precepts", and they are racing that same class 5 car.
    Talk to you later!
    I like to play Devil's advocate, find out folks emotional state when they make blanket statements. My mom was in a fire when she was 16, received third degree burns on one leg, went out dancing that night, laughed thru the pain, wore that scar til her death. In 1965, she took me to the Hot Rod Magazine Nationals at RIR, where I watched an early 200+ mph slingshot fueler lose its blower in the traps. Ka-blooey!!! I ran to the shut down area to see the driver emerge, blackened from head to waist. He pulled off his suit and was unscathed, and I was convinced about firesuits. I hope he didn't get mesotholominia from the asbestos later, though.

    Me, I've got a couple small burn scars, but plenty of concussions - I should wear my helmet OUTSIDE the racecar.

    Of course it's personal - but only to an online persona. I figure you're pro'ly OK, since Joel likes you. He's one of the best! Now, PAB, he's ..... ;)
    Screwball? That's passe. Crackpot! That's classic! Can you provide any info on any systems that might have a chance at extinguishing a fire or are they all suppression systems?

    How about some kind of detector w/alarm? Thanks!
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