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    rodney hey i saw this from a long time ago... what you doing ?

    rodney hey i saw this from a long time ago... what you doing ?
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    good coverage torq race

    kroyer / rj great job there
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    good coverage torq race

    watching the torq race , nice tv work and good commentating
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    Why no fuel injection......

    a bigger reason is the cost .. good race carbs are 900 to 1200$.... a low end efi can get done for 3k$ , then the high end motec or magnetti marelli systems are over 10k for a complete system with up to 16 injector drivers on a v-8. some injectors are 400$ each x 16... ouch .. carbs are fine...
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    Most Memorable moment in short course history?

    naughton and rodrigo p2 clash was a pretty good one at GH this year
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    Need Toyota 4AGE Eingine

    i have some TRD cams and springs /retainers ..951 296 9669
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    V6 pro-lites!

    oh yes , the chevrolet guys tried to compete with nissan v-6 gtp effort.... in those years nissan pumped millions of dollars into the gtp v6 raceteam. it was unbeatable , the carlsbad shop was incredible, john caldwell was in charge of that, i went there to deliver some connecting rods and got...
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    A quick note of thanks to Kevin & Fritz Kroyer

    kroyers are great engine and racer people. glad to know them thru these years, keep up the good work boyz.
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    V6 pro-lites!

    when i was at HPD a few months ago the honda engineers shared that they were building the new v6 too... for indycar and other use , possibly F1 ... maybe both sides of the pond are going same direction on # of cylinders and turbos , and hi effiecency cars that have huge speed for a long time on...
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    Short Course to return to LEMXP?

    that is the ticket, i like it , 3-4 so cal tracks like mx industry has going for it. when there is nowhere to play you dont play.... if elsinore got going again we would have a new truck.... 10 MIN from the shop hell yeah.
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    The "Casa de Fouch" Ranch- Superlite driver #21

    anza or somewhere next to palomar mtn... sik .. were gonna find it..
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    :::: V8 Pro-lite POLL ::::

    the tires will take care of this class debacle... i see 2 races in this class now. the 4 that go and the 12 that show
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    :::: V8 Pro-lite POLL ::::

    mannyr---when i was 15 i worked for vesco , taught me a ton of tricks , went to salt flats many times with all the vesco clan.. , a real racer! god speed don .. i was doing a lot of that stuff for saleen and billy when you were there. come by the temecula shop sometime im not far from you.
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    :::: V8 Pro-lite POLL ::::

    dan esslinger used to drive in the stadium trucks , i worked closely with don vesco and billy tally , they did a ton of the top engines for veneble team and others... one time they had 11 engines going on at once... pretty awesome sight to see. i miss don vesco.
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    :::: V8 Pro-lite POLL ::::

    the 4 cyl package is what started this whole class. mickey t. knows how to make a race truck and there stadium truck couldnt use a v8! stadiums people not v-8's... bring it back to indoors. v- 8s are great for boats and motorhomes and pro 2's.