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  • Hi Rick. Good to see you have entered taupo 1000
    Have be following your latest car, have you thought of a heater, windscreen for down here, bloody cold wet time of year lol. Don't lit me put you off. lol.
    I can't wait it pev,s me it is only every 2 year,s
    I have run every taupo that has be run, not always with great success,
    What with couple of blowups mishaps one trip to hospital a couple of seconds and one first overall with a 1600 cc buggy.
    Have a new class 1 car this year can,t wait.
    I own and run a auto business in Auckland 3miles from the international airport
    So if I could help you with anything, would be only to glad to help.
    Regard,s Alan
    Hi Rick I see you have entered taupo 1000 .
    I have seen pics of your new car, look,s like a good concept
    Mybe you should think of a heater and screen for taupe
    Bring plenty warm gear bloody cold time of year.
    I have run every taupo that has been run, not always with great results
    Blowup first lap. A couple mishaps , one trip to hospitle
    Hey Rick, where'd you go??? I seen you must of moved. I'm the guy that came by a couple times talkin about prerunners. Well I been wanting to get a baja now, and found one over here for 2800. And I bought a bigger truck to tow with. You're the only one I know that knows these things up and down, and can make special parts. Anyway are you still buildin on these things, and if so. How much do I need to get this going after I buy it?

    Thanks, Jeremy
    Hello Rick, I would like to see more pictures of this ride, can you please post? Also your web site dosn't show any of the pictures.
    hey rick im glad u came on and explained ur 5 car to these keyboard racers.... i tried to explain to them but didnt know enough about the cars... still lookin 4word to drivin a CRUMCO single seat 1600!!!
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