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    In case of emergency...

    correct never to old no matter what your kids tell you after a few beers "LOL" Gave up on the back then stories long ago
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    In case of emergency...

    You Actually SAID "US OLD GUYS" DON'T WANT TO SIT THROUGH THIS. Nothing about experience was said and do not know how you can say 'US OLDS GUYS"since you do not know me or 1/2 the old guys out here. you were not even thought about when I was already crashing. I can understand new racer...
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    Shop air lines

    Parker has the blue line, almost any good compressor company has it also. All the new car service dept are using for the last 10+ years. works good cost varies make sure you do not get the china or other stuff it does "go boom" as they lie about the PSI
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    For Sale

    Need contact info please
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    Will There Be Any January Races???

    Nov 13th from Snore Unfortunately Clark County is not permitting SNORE to use their land at this time due to Government Covid Restrictions in place. But don’t fret, SNORE has a back up plan in place! Keep your eyes peeled and ears open, we will let you know as soon as possible! We do plan to...
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    Will There Be Any January Races???

    May be wrong but I thought I read Laughlin was moved as the PITS where on Clark County Land and Clark County has all shut down?
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    Western Auto, Sand Blaster, Jackman Wheels OH MY!

    One is a Centerline (Rivets) the other is a CMS (Bolts)
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    PCI Motion Tire 250 September 13th - 14th ***DATE CHANGE***

    Stroll up to date Snore is correct
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    Shock Rebuilder in Socal High Desert

    Shock Prep Unlimited 951-897-2186 He is in Riverside Great service
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    Oldest to Ironman Baja500 and Baja1000

    Ken not only rode Baja he did a comic book in Spanish about the turtle doing Baja, still have my copy I know one year he also did something with a group not sure who but had disabilities (hate that word) there was a write up some where Lots of stories He even rode that 650 across during the...
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    Electric power steering

    Looking at installing electric power steering on our 1985 raceco 1600 Anyone out there with info on units and reliability in race mode? Current manual steering Any help would be great