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    @@ PICTURES @@ from this w/ends UTV World Championsips

    I'm looking for 369
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    *VIDEO* 2013 BITD Silver State 300

    Nice video ! Who's the mup without the number plate. ✋
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    2013 SilverState 300

    if its anything like last year it shouldnt be to bad at all. just a little chili off the start
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    2013 SilverState 300

    Ill be there for the second time and looking to finish well #011. The leaders of the class are tied for first and im right behind them so its gonna be a good one!! and also this is a super fun wide open track. Good luck my friends!
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    Parker 250

    quick do a wheelie theres a camera guy...... all my wheelies where worthless
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    PARKER 250 @@PICTURES@@ from RM 4/67

    Any of 011
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    Parker 250

    The wash is pretty much wide open right now if you know your way up it
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    Parker 250

    Gear up for sure! it's an easy 90 MPH track, up the wash down the graded roads. But it can get into some slower sections.
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    Randy Merritt wins Class 7200 in the new TNC Machine

    Can't wait to see this truck keep WINNING.
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    Mikes BITD SS 300 Race Photos

    Hell yeah sick picture! #011 thanks bud
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    SS 300 bike photos?

    Who all took photos of bikes at the silver state race? To be specific #011
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    who is this ultimate race fan?

    Only reason he's Merritt's crew chief is because we figured since hes your son we would help him out and give him a chance.... lol
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    who is this ultimate race fan?

    i read this headline and immediately thought "parker james" !!! jajaja only in parker!!
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    looks super fast!!!!!