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Curtis Guise
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Jan 20, 2018 at 11:29 AM
Mar 22, 2001
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Oceanside, CA
Video production and design

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Curtis Guise

Administrator, Male, from Oceanside, CA

Curtis Guise was last seen:
Jan 20, 2018 at 11:29 AM
    1. Jangaard
      Let me guess LS based motor not small block Chevy!
      1. Curtis Guise
        Curtis Guise
        In my T100 prerunner? It has a Toyota 3.4V6 with a TRD Supercharger.
        Oct 12, 2015
    2. trailready
      hey Curtis. i placed an ad for jobs and services. can you get it posted?
      1. Curtis Guise
        Curtis Guise
        I just approved a bunch of ads but didn't see it. Did you get an email that it posted? Send me an email at [email protected] with the email you used for the ad.
        May 26, 2015
    3. Baja Jim
      Baja Jim

      We race with another team out of La Paz and they wound up having a film crew with them and we piggy backed with them. Unfortunately they only went 13 miles in their Class 1. We had a Great San Felipe "248" and then lost the belt and it took us 20 minutes to get new one on. We'll go after it at the Baja 500 Sur.


      Jim Anderson
      Car # 180
    4. tonyc
      hi curtis, im having trouble making the ad; please help im also at 3234491391 thanks tony
      1. Curtis Guise
        Curtis Guise
        send me an email at classifieds at race-dezert.com
        Dec 16, 2014
    5. craigincali
      Now I am frustrated...Ithis is the 2nd time this has happened to me. I renewed my for sale ad and it has disappered. I dont remember my ad #. My email is [email protected] I have the paypal receipt to prove i paid. What do I need to do to get the ad back up??
      1. Curtis Guise
        Curtis Guise
        It's back up now. In the future you can email me at classifieds at race-dezert.com. There is still a problem with upgrades and renewals and I have to do them manually after the payment is made.
        Apr 28, 2014
      2. craigincali
        yes, thank you for your help!
        Apr 28, 2014
    6. burro8
      Curtis, I watched your tape. I have been trying to find the white #16 white single seat Burro buggy that has Sand and Sport on the side of it racing at Riverside. It is shown at about min 17 and a little more. Do you have more tape of this buggy?

      1. Curtis Guise
        Curtis Guise
        are you talking about the Youtube video in the vintage thread? I just posted part 2 in there. Not sire if it's in there.
        Jan 27, 2014
      2. burro8
        Yes the vintage tape. Do you have any history or facts about the white #16 SS Burro buggy? What year was that Riverside race? My email is, [email protected] I own three 1968 racing Burro buggies.

        Feb 1, 2014
    7. robbie_goerke

      Who is taking the photos for you at this years NORRA I would like to get the photo of Mr. Gaughan on day 2 with the truck flying through the air.

      Thanks, Robbie

      [email protected]
    8. Dirty*
      Just stopping by..
    9. tsheehan
      I signed up yesterday but have been unable to post anything. I wanted to ask when and where the DP8 Fresno premier is? Hopefully not the week of Primm.
    10. gabe928
      Hey Curtis you should have Bj Baldwin at the Dp8 show agian in arizona with his new TT just a thought.
    11. John F2000
      John F2000
      Message sent to pm
    12. deviate films
      deviate films
      hey curtis,
      drive 2 is complete and ready for pre ordering...wanted to know if you wanted to pick up some copies for the RDC.com web store and trade show booth....thanks for the support!!!

      brian-deviate films
    13. Bajabro1

      I moving to Mexicali, B.C. Mexico in February. I have a small house next to EL Periferico. It's a pretty small house, but its has close proximity to some pretty good desert racing teams. I'm hoping that my move to Baja will give me better luck in finding a PR and marketing gig.

      I graduated last Thursday with my PR and marketing bachelor's. I'm pretty excited to see where it takes me.

      Talk to you later,

    14. Bajabro1

      I'm about to graduate this fall. Do you have any potential PR contacts you can help me with?

      I'm trying to get land a job with SCORE International. They told me that they're not hiring right now. I keep bugging them all the time about any job openings, but they refuse to help. I've been e-mailing Sal Fish about any job openings, but he never replies.

      I'm trying my best to get a PR entry-level position. I'm open to media relations and PR account planning. I've contacted BJ Baldwin Racing on occassions, but they never reply back.

      The off-road industry is not doing so well at this point, but I'm refusing to give up. I posted a job listing on your classifieds. I really hope it generates traffic. I better let you go, your a busy guy.

      See you at the Baja 1000 in a month.

      Take care,

    15. GunnSlinger
    16. ScoreWhore
      Hey I spoke to you last night at the AZ DP7 premiere about RDC baby clothes. PLease send me pics when you get a chance of what you have!
    17. DaughertyRacing
      San jose CA still on for the 12th of september?
    18. sbanks
    19. true offroad racing
      true offroad racing
      Hey Curtis Thanks for thinking of us. We are just putting everything back together right now. I hate to make any promises but I am going to try and get it there for you... How soon is too late? Let me know. Thanks Joe
    20. GlamisGurlie
      Hi you! Do you have a Vegas date/location in thought? I may know a place and would get it together for yew....
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    Home Page:
    Oceanside, CA
    Video production and design
    Curtis Guise
    Class I race in:
    Used to race class 7
    Favorite Race:
    Any in Baja
    Favorite Race Driver:
    Ivan "Ironman" Stewart
    1995 Toyota T100, 2002 Sequoia, 1970 FJ55
    Favorite Offroad Video:
    Baja 1000 classic
    Favorite Offroad Website:
    www.dezertpeople.com www.offroadaction.com
    Producer of the Dezert People Video Series. Co-owner of race-dezert.com and owner of www.offroadaction.ca

    Desert Racing, Mtn. Biking