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  • Hi you! Do you have a Vegas date/location in thought? I may know a place and would get it together for yew.... Please remove post #927 re: Michelle Obama. Thanks, Curtis, and also thanks for explaining about the TL post count. As I've said elsewhere I've known Greg and Petey since they were teens and the former has always been a stand-up guy while the latter has always been quick to express his displeasure, his big mouth and heavy right foot getting him into trouble and generating notoriety for 25 years. Petey always makes for good copy.
    Glad to hear the Ale turned out well - I'm gonna have to give it a try one of these days!
    How is it the t/l thread is now locked after many arguments between members which are against the rules and many pro mullet posts are ok until they start going against the mullet. also how fish the admin dude is giving ip addresses to track posters to the mullet and deleting one wrongly because they think it was a double without looking into it see Baja41000, and then telling me he did not know why and or how it was deleted ?
    I would like to know why that TL thread raises your ire so much. I've found it both informative and humorous, like rdc in general.

    The racist Michelle Obama joke that I asked Klaus to be removed still is in "whatever," though flagged negatively. THAT raises my hackles.

    Sincerely awaiting your reply, thank you!
    I would like to start a thread about how glad I am that you locked the TL thread for a couple days - Would that get me banned? LOL!

    How'd the Red Ale turnout?
    Hey Curtis

    Somehow all the text when I go to the forums is in some foreign Language . Can you reset it to english Thanks
    Hey Curtis, I had an awesome time out there with you and klaus looking forward to seeing some of the action!!!
    Hey Curtis, thanks for the help in changing my screen name,,, saw Klaus this afternoon at the TORC practice and I told him to let you know..... thanks again
    I dont think i can afford a full floater 9" right now... i decided i'm just going to put some new gears in the rearend and call it good enough for now... thanks though!
    hey curtis, i blew up my stock tacoma rearend recently (its a sad story) and when i called up ORW asking if they knew anyone selling a rearend, the guy said he thinks you're selling a T-100 rearend... so are you? or do you know anyone who is?
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