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  • I would like to get accsess to the Trophy Lite board I just orderd truck #20
    I would like to post about our new venture, "Side X Side Super Jam"
    I pm'd Klaus and have heard back yet.
    I wanted to know if I could post about it and where a post about a new competition series should go
    Rich Klein
    Curtis what if we buy the jacket and send it to you to have the RDC logo put on the jacket......
    just so everyone knows I don't read this section to often. If you have a tech question about the site PM's work best.
    Hey Curtis can i get you or Klaus to change the title under my name to anything else other than Spam rental companion of the evening.......Thanks alot
    I have twice posted my motorcyle in the classifieds. And it hasn't posted to the classified page...... any thoughts? The most recent was 2 days ago.


    Hey Curtis,
    Just finished viewing Dez People 6 video... Nice work!! :D
    Thanks for the donation for the MDR race on June the 14th.

    FYI.. Volunteered for Start/Finish
    Hey Boss, Can you explain to me how the rep points work. Is it based on when some one signs up? I'm a little confused how a guy with 17 points can have a rep power of 5. Seriously I do not understand. (It's 3:30 in the morning) And thanks for creating/ being apart of one of the best off road websites. (NOT trying to kiss butt, just speaking the truth)
    Hi I have a race report for Sierra Bros Racing from the Baja 500 I would like to post in the NEWS section How would I go about doing that?
    Curtis: Here are links to all four of our Baja 500 videos: They are really good, and show much more than just our team.

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    Curtis, this is Chad Ragland. I just posted a new thread with an embedded You Tube video, but it does not show. Can you please help me. The post is entitle: 2008 Baja 500 Video. I just did it. Thanks!
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