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    Wheeeeewww!! Thats A Relief...

    Anyone have four fuel 55 gallon drums (empty) in the Murrieta-riverside-north county area?
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    Steel Buildings

    Looking for a pre-fab steel building erector /contractor in so cal. grading and foundation Will be done prior. who has a good lead on a reliable source? thanks
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    Chase truck rear suspension

    This is the RG setup that’s worked for years Just seeing what others have done with a full utility bed and towing
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    Chase truck rear suspension

    Just seeing what everyone is running with a heavy utility bed. Super duty 99+ or other 1 ton SRW rear leaf spring setups. Airbags? HD leaf pack and a block to clear a 35/37? Helwig swaybays setup?
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    Service Body Paint

    California Autoworx in Riverside. Talk to Josh. 951-299-7707 but best to stop by. The dude is super busy and gets it on time. 3265 Van Buren Blvd riverside behind the Firestone tire shop.
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    Air Compressor For Trailer

    110V- Rolair or most higher end Jenny have the same french made pump / motor unit and set it up with a dual long cylinder tank under the trailer. Lots of volume. ARB twin air 12v with the same tank setup is amazing. ARB stuff is solid AU made and not the low quality import stuff. Trailers...
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    Subaru WRX/STI Buildup to finish Baja 1000

    I'm back on the project. Getting done. IG@ rally1000miles I post a lot there.
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    DODGE RAM REBEL TRX give RAPTOR a run for it's money?????

    Ford= Reviewing Southern California/Arizona/Las Vegas area race team rigs and RDC. Maybe even a consultant in the industry... Dodge/Chevy= Subscribing to SEMA show "prerunners" that only see Taco Bell drive-through's as their Baja experience.
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    Show your open trailer, looking for ideas for a new one.

    The biggest thing I see fail on trailers is axles and components. The axles weight rating is a max, not a typical load, and for sure not a top heavy big truck, etc swaying at 75MPH. The cost different to get a 7200 or 8000 8 lug setup on a custom trailer build is really low <$300 including the...
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    On Topic Dual sport tire

    Michelin desert race. Front and rear. DOT legal. 106MPH rated. 8 on 10 for traction compared to a track only moto dirt tire. I am ready to replace the rear on a KTM 500exc with 1,240 miles on the tire. Yes, it is at the wear bars, but i've been doing the last 700 miles on adventure...
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    F250 "Death wobble"? steering issue?

    I have had multiple 05-up super duty's and the issue is caster and dumb offset bro wheels. Poorly engineered lift kits even increase the issue by making the caster worst. My buddy on his 2014 f350 went from another brand of lift to an ICON lift as he had the death wobbles and it goes away. I...
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    2016 Supercross

    JS7 almost ended his career with a wrist injury. That was the hiatus that let others into his primetime streak. The injury side of bikes is the voodoo of defining a contender/champion...look at Will Hahn...injury luck has been on zero point zero percent. AC can regroup and still ride in his...
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    2016 Supercross

    6 options to the podium... RD CR KR JA ET CS I am so glad I am growing up in an era where there are not just 2 guys that can win. Honestly the disabled list not riding and 10-22 squad would make for an unreal Supercross season. Deano first V. Weston V. James Stewart... I would watch that battle