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    Bending small diameter/thin wall tubing. . .troubleshooting???

    Like mentioned, in my experience for tubing prone to bending, cap off one end (duct tape is cheap and easy) fill it with sand, then slowly pour water in it letting it soak in until it can't hold anymore, then bend it. Never had a problem with that. Might I add though I don't have much fab...
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    Hello, my name is Jasen

    I thank your Co driver and you for your service in the military. Do you have any pics of your race vehicle?
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    Hey, my name is Josh!

    Hey guys my name is Josh. I will start off with a little bit about me. I'm 22 and work for a company out of St. Louis. My job title is laborer and I'm a hydroblasting and explosives technician. I get the joy of traveling the U.S. and parts of Canada. We use high pressure water, explosive, and...